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  1. I've certainly followed them out to deeper water. Heading out to Bronte again in the morning. Will try sticking to the shallows. Thx.
  2. Replying a little late just seeing your post. I've also been having trouble off Bronte this past week or so. Been out 4 times and only pulled in two small ones. Running Hot Spot and Spin Dr. flashers with fly/spoon combos. Caught one on green moonshine at 40ft. One on a white fly at about 50ft. Both in 160 to 180 fow. Bronte's not producing this year. Have had great success in years past but can't figure them out here this year. I think I'll be going east for the the last week of the derby...
  3. I'm not asking anyone to give away any secrets, but has anyone else had a hard time putting anything in the boat off Bronte in the last week. I can't pot a fish to save myself and I've gone through most of my gear. Can't just be the barometric pressure, can it?
  4. Moor Sub Troll 900 Bought new spring 2012 direct from Moor Electronics. Unit performed perfectly. All components present and accounted for. Personal debt requires I sell it. $375 Oakville, ON. Adam 416-540-0887
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