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  1. What do you have left, prices and where are you located?
  2. Regardless, if anyone is fishing out of season, hopefully they meet CO on one of their poaching outings. You can get fined, imprisoned or a combination of the two. Plus they can confiscate anything you use, including boat, truck, etc. They also don't need a warrent, unlike police. Not blaming anyone here for that, just trying to educate anyone who doesn't know that. Hopefully more people can take the ethical high road. Then they'll actually be MORE fishing opportunities. Like TileMan Dan said, the seasons are the way they are for good reason.
  3. You do realize that there is a closed season for lakers in October and November, right? Well, now you do.
  4. I'm hoping to get out this Sunday and fish fairly shallow for stagers. What's your thoughts? Still a lot out in the lake or all up the rivers? Also trying to decide whether Hamilton or Bronte is my best bet? Lures, depth, dates, etc would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Also, do you use flashers when running your spoons???
  5. Anybody have comments about stagers though, specific to the Hamilton/Bronte nearshore area?
  6. Hi Everyone, I thought I'd try fishing for some stagers this Sunday from either Bronte or Fisherman's Pier in tight. I've heard that flasher/fly combo's have been good in 30-50 fow and down around 20. Does that sound about right? How's the fishing been? Since I'm new to Lake O fall fishing, I'd like to know if it's now starting to get a little late for fishing for stagers in the lake still. Are there many still out there, or are they mostly up the tribs by now? When can you consistently catch stagers in the lake near the trib mouths until usually? Thanks.
  7. How deep were you fishing and what were you using? Do you have temp?
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum here, but have been enjoying the topics on here since the spring and thought I'd try to contribute finally. For starters, I'm a bit of a newbie to Lake Ontario trolling; having just started this year. I am, however, a seasoned veteran for Lake Huron/ Georgian Bay trolling where I've spent most of my days fishing. Lake O is proving to be incredible during the summer compared to what I'm used to in terms of numbers and size. Despite this, I was out from Bronte last Thursday evening and struggled horribly. Not a single bite from 315-845! I spent most of my time in between 120-160 fow with my riggers set around 60 and 100 usually, along with a planar and dipsy combo. I mostly ran flasher/fly combos and some spoons. I seemed to try everything, even venturing into ~70 and out to ~180 fow. I tried almost every depth on the riggers and variety the distance out on the dipsy. Basically I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a consistent pattern or has the fishing been slow for everyone? I'm hoping to get out again this Saturday evening and don't know where to go/ what to try. I am completely open for suggestions. I've considered returning to Bronte or perhaps trying something new like Grimsby or Port Credit. If you suggest one of those, could you comment on what it's like fishing out of there (ie how far out it is to get to the hunny-hole, etc). Thanks and I look forward to talking with as many people as possible. Don't horse 'em, Steve
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