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  1. I used to do quite a bit of night fishing on Seneca. When I was tired from dragging copper ... would hang a Coleman lantern on the side of the boat. The saw bellies would come to the light. I'd drop a cherry bomb tied on a rock - Boom, stunned saw bellies. Hook one on the rod line with a 1 oz bank sinker and jig it slowly about 20 ft under the ones swimming around the light. Was a productive lazy way to catch lakers and rainbows Thinking about the same cherry bomb method here at the Jersey shore when the stripers are chasing the bunker on top. Sad to say though, the bunker schools now are not what they used to be
  2. Clarkie, thanks for the edification. Did some more data mining and here's what I came up with to be a Seth Green rig ...
  3. Gentlemen, while data mining for Seth Green information, came upon the forum and this thread. I thought you might be interested to see one of the old Seth Green rig's I found at a garage sale in Watkins Glen when I was a kid. Not shown in the pictures is the brass carrying handle ... Before I left Elmira in the '60's, I pulled a lot of copper with this rig along the Salt Works and the Painted Rocks on Seneca Lake Regards John in NJ
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