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  1. Hello, We will be staying on Cayuga in 2 weeks very close to the Hibiscus Harbor marina. I wanted to do some lake fishing/trolling but I have no idea where to start. We have an older StarCraft American 20 and its equipped with a Humming Bird GPS/Fishfinder. I have a number of freshwater poles and 2 trolling poles with Penn reels. Could you guys point me in the right direction for Lake trout or Salmon?? I would like to know what kinds of lures / baits (pictures would be most helpful) to use for this type of open lake fishing. What water depth should I head for and which side of the lake would most likely produce more action? I most likely will be fishing in the early am or at dusk. Any help you can give this newbie would be most welcome. Take care and enjoy this beautiful summer so far. SH
  2. Thanks for the replies!! I guess there is hope despite the 20 degree day we had today and time will tell. For Bondouley who's been out in late Feburary for Browns. Are you trolling or drifting for those bad boys??
  3. Hello, I am getting sick and tired of looking at my covered boat parked behind my shed!! I picked up a 19' Blue Fin a couple of years ago and have spent the last two years updating it for fishing and family cruising. The boat is a blast for me but unfortunately I seem to spend more time tinkering around with it than I do actually running it due to my work schedule. Now that I have a decent GPS/Fish finder and some hand cranking down riggers, poles, reels and a big net, I was wondering how early some guys go out in the spring espicially in the Genessee or Iron Bay and how they fish those types of waters in March and April. I am a beginner at this kind of fishing so any advice and reccomendations would be most welcome!! Stay warm my friends, SH
  4. Hello, I have a '74 Chevy inline 6 250 marine motor that needs a new or used manifold. If you have one collecting dust, I would like to have a look at it. I can be reached at [email protected] Thanks
  5. Thank you all for the responces. I will try to get out there Fri afternoon or Sun morning depending on the forcast and my work schedule. Good luck to all of you guys going out this week!! SH
  6. Thank you Has Been for the response. I will pick up some #20 mono and the plugs. From what I understand, I should have the plugs 25 - 75' behind from the cannon ball and 10' off the bottom. I believe the bottom is pretty flat and sandy in the river outlet area. I have heard the river outlet transition between the clean lake water and the muddy river water is an active area for the fish. Any thoughts about trolling speed and direction, water temp or depth or just experiment?? SH
  7. Hello, Last year I purchased an open bow 19' Bluefin and I would really like to do some lake fishing this fall. I have a couple of decent Penn 320 reels, a couple of hand cranked downriggers, two cannon balls and releases, a decent Lowran GPS/ Fishfinder, a big cooler and a net. If you guys could answer some basic questions for me, I hope to launch at Charlotte and start fishing in the river outlet area. For a beginner like me, what line stregnth would be good for my reels considering they will be used with the downriggers for trolling? What is an easy downrigging set up for me to use to get started? Are there any lures, colors, sizes that are must haves for my tackle box? Lastly, when are the salmon most active in the fall in the Genesse River. Thank you in advance for any tips and advice. SH
  8. Hello, Is there anyone who has experience navigating the many lakes and rivers in the Adk Mts? I am interested in getting a chip for a Lowrance Elite 5 unit and would like to get the chip that has the most bang for my buck. The choices are; Navionics gold, Fishing Hot Spots, or Lake Master. Any advice would be most welcomed!! SH
  9. Hello, I have a 19' Bluefin 1900 Sportsmen that is aluminum and comes with a beautiful surge brake roller trailer. Very easy to trail, launch and load. This winter I am in the process of stripping and painting the trailer for next season. The boat has a 2.3 L OMC I/O that is great on gas and moves the boat @ 40-45 MPH. I just bought two captain pedestal seats for the driver and passenger and there is seating for six in total. I removed the back to back lounge seats so that I would have more "fishing room". I bought the boat late in the season and have used it only about 5 or 6 times. It runs great and all of the mechanics are very smooth. If you want a nice smaller, easier to handle craft, you would probably really like the Bluefin. I owned a 16' Starcraft Super Sport that I totally refurbished and used for several years until I upgraded to the Bluefin. I am always looking for great aluminum boats because they are easy to maintain and repair. I can send some photos of the boat just after I bought it if you would be interested. Steve Hickey Rochester, NY
  10. Thank you for the tip, do you think the unit will work well for lakes in the Adk Mts (Stillwater reservoir)? The price is certainly right!! SH
  11. Hello all, I need to pickup an fishfinder/gps for my "new to me" 19' Bluefin I/O. I am willing to spend $400-500 on the unit but I am no expert on what to get. Every year we take a trip to Stillwater Reservoir up in the Adk Mts and this body of water is dangerous with all kinds of unmarked nav hazards I would really like to avoid this year and save my LU. Please let me know what kind of a set up you are using if you do some fishing in the Adk Mts and what units to stay away from considering I am not an electronics junky. Take care and good fishing!! SH
  12. Thank you Longline for the tip. Today with the intermittent weather today, we decided to prep up the boat for an outing on Wed PM. I will be taking a couple of teacher buddies out and we will probably hit the lake if it is not too rough. After leaving Charlotte pier, do you have any advice whether we should head west or east to deeper water or is the action pretty much over by the PM. And lastly, what are your favorite trolling lures for conditions this time of year. Please bare with me, I am am a total beginner when it comes to open lake fishing. SH
  13. Name:Steve Hickey Location: Rochester Home Port: Charlotte Boat Name/Type: Mistress / Starcraft SS 16' Merc 65 OB I fish for: Mostly Bass in the Adk Mts and now I would like to work on my Genesse River and Lake Ontario fishing opportunities. ================== I will be taking my boat to the Charlotte launching ramp tomorrow and was wondering if anyone has any advice for trolling up the river to the veterans memorial bridge and then back to the pier. I have a fish finder and a couple of HD trolling poles. Would there be any browns or lakers still in the river or do I need to head out into the big lake. I would rather stay on the river because I am still testing out my new "used" motor. Any advice would be most welcome!! SH (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here).
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