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  1. IMG_3644.thumb.JPG.5c56891d5913ab4ce04505b705ac438e.JPG 32 hp 1142 hrs. Shuttle shift rear pto. Needs nothing 11,500/ bo
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    Where are you located? Text me please. Six07four38zero970 thanks.

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  2. Hi All,
    I just bought my first boat (Lund Rebel XL 1650 Tiller).  I am looking to head to Canandaigua tomorrow morn to get the kids out panfishing.  Does anyone know where I can pick up some certified Minnows.  I am hoping to launch at the North end.  

    If you are anywhere near Penn Yan the beverage baron has them.

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  3. hi
     Recently moved to area from out of state and have been trolling Canadaguia north end last couple of weekends. We caught 5 Lakers last Sunday ranging from 18 to 25". Fishing regs state 21" size minimum but finger lakes have a 15" minimum size? Just want to make sure I understand regs.

    Fingerlakes rules for Canadaigua. There are eleven Fingerlakes. Google them for a list. Try the south end also out of the woodville launch! Welcome to the area!!!

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  4. I got out Friday night for two or three hours and again Saturday afternoon for four hours for some jigging.  Managed one Laker Friday night and one Laker Saturday afternoon.  The one on Friday night was pretty chewed up from the lampreys.  Saturday's fish was pretty clean.  Both fish ran around 25 inches or so.  Tough fishing---these aren't the good ol' days but at least the sunset was nice!

    Thanks for the report!

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  5. The problem is a compound one as there is also a huge amount of sawbellies in the lake right now and dead ones were frequently spotted on the serface. Perhaps the reason the landlocks are becoming prevalent while lakers and browns are declining has to do with their particular habits and the differences between them. Lakers and browns spend much of their time on or near bottom and are probably more vulnerable to lamprey attacks.When the water warms the landlocks are most prevalent in the upper layer of the water column which may lessen their contact with the lamprey population. Lakers, browns and some rainbows do not seem to be as not as nomadic as the landlocks  which seem to be constantly on the move throughout the water column.
    A few years ago Cayuga Lake was in trouble  big time with the lampreys and now the fishing is very good there and healthy populations of numerous species are noted so if the lampricide treatments take place repeatedly and are successful (weather and water conditions are critical when carried out) and they treat the multiple hatching and staging areas of the ammocoetes  conditions could improve....but it will take time. These adult lampreys may live for 15 years or more and they are only vulnerable to treatment when in the larval stage. I suspect that in addition to the major spawning areas such as Catherines or Dresden some of the small  intermittent streams of which there are many along the lake and some that don't totally dry up in the summer may also be adding to the problem and they are not treated to my knowledge.

    Spot on.

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  6. All 5 fish I caught in 3 days on Seneca had lampreys on them, one of them had 2 lampreys and they were small lampreys which means they are quickly multiplying.  One laker had a massive wound from a large lamprey as well.  It's bad.  DEC needs multiple years of effective treatments before they completely take over the lake.

    Funding will be a issue due to covid 19

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  7. Went out the whole day today on Seneca and was a total skunk.
    Fished shallow with a planer board and downriggers from peach orchard to Sampson. I don’t know if it’s the lake or my techniques but I should not have skunked in a trip like today. Good luck for all the tourney boys tomorrow and make sure your bring some patience haha
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    Any better luck today?

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