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  1. Hey Guys im heading up for my first time in mid august was wondering what kind of depths i should be looking for and any hints thank you
  2. Hi Im new to ontario fishing and im heading to mexico bay soon just wondering were i wanna be how deep of water what lures and how deep to fish.
  3. Thankyou so basically head out to deep water and drop lines between 40 and 150
  4. Hey Guys new to board and new to ontario fishing planning on heading up towards end of june then again end of july was wondering what would be hitting around those times. Going to mexico bay once there not sure were to go and how deep i should be any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. hey guys looking for some pointers on what are some good spots to go to this month and next month and what will be hitting in june and july im new to ontario fishing will be going to mexico bay after that not sure how far out they will e or how deep
  6. Thanks glad to be here i am planning on mexico point and oswego as i know those best is the fshing good there now and have the fish moved out to deeper water
  7. Hi Guys im new to the fishing boat ownership i have fished ontario in charters and freinds boats i bough a 19.5 ft long 8ft beam lowe alluminum with 90hp merc and was wondering if this boat would be adequate to get me fishing ontario for salmon browns and lakers. I live about 4 hrs away from oswego and fis the salmon river all the time and do charters on ontario would like to start going in my own boat ay thoughts and tips would be appreciated.
  8. Hi Guys im new to ownign a fishing boat have been fishing all my life also new to the ontario fishing have done charters up there. Was wondering if my boat would be abel to handel the big lake. I have a 19.5 ft lowe alluminum 8ft beam have done champlaign and cape cod bay. have it set up for trolling downriggers rods whole setup and a 90 hp merc can hit 45 mph if trouble rises is this boat adequate to get me on ontario. Thank you
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