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  1. well, maybe not. it looks like that garelick model only has 2 steps, not 3. if i want to go to a 3 stepper, i'd have to get the model that stows the ladder on top of the platform instead of underneath it. the only negative i can see about having the ladder stow on top would be the brackets. any opinions on bottom vs top ladder stowage?
  2. disregard my pm. thanks, but this wouldn't work for my rig.
  3. thanks richard. i'm 6' 240 and not the most limber fellow.. so i hear what you're saying. i may go with the garelick (for an i/o) with the 3 steps that stow under the platform.
  4. heh.. yeah i suppose so. let's just say the age range varies a bit.. between 6 and 50
  5. looking to add a swim platform this year. seems like everybody and their brother makes one.. are there any brands to recommend or stay away from? i was looking at the garelick ez-in. and what about the number of steps? is 2 enough or should i go with 3? i appreciate any input. thanks guys.
  6. Had to replace the sending unit in my main tank. Unfortunately, Crestliner didn't install any access panels from the factory so as you can see, I had to do some disassembly.. Needless to say, I will be installing some access panels in the floor before I put things back together. Installing the new sending unit was simple enough, just getting to it was the hard part. Anyway, for anyone who has an Eagle and needs to swap a sending unit, here's where they are. I also trimmed about 3" off of the vent hoses to hopefully alleviate the painfully slow fueling process which always results in fuel spewing out of the vents if I pump the gas in too fast. We'll see how the next fill up goes. How she sits right now, waiting for the access panels to arrive.
  7. it would let me order 2, but that was about an hour ago. i didn't buy any though, can't justify the $ when i have working riggers already. that was a killer deal though, too bad they sold out so fast.
  8. in case anyone is in the market for some tourny series mag 10's.. marked down to $449 plus 15% with the promo code potofgold brings the final price to $382.49 and free shipping to boot. pretty smokin deal... https://www.overtons.com/cannon-mag-10-stx-ts-electric-downrigger-325219.html
  9. his number is in his craigslist ad https://rochester.craigslist.org/boa/d/albion-penn-yan-21-tempest/6833878220.html
  10. thanks, but no, looking for an itroll only.
  11. https://maine.craigslist.org/boa/d/brunswick-grady-white-228g-seafarer/6829552037.html
  12. thanks for the input guys. i think i'm gonna wait until i unwrap it in the spring, take some measurements and see what will work.
  13. you bring up a good point.. i may not be able to fit 2 of them side by side either...
  14. does anyone have these in their boat? i'm looking to upgrade my 19 year old stock crestliner seats. i want to go to a captain's or a helm type seat with some arm rests. i'm looking at the tempress elite and the tempress probax elite (both with arm rests). the probax are a bit more expensive, don't know if they're worth the extra cost or not. i'll also be adding some hydro adjustable pedestals too (could also use some recommendations there too, there's so many to choose from). but, any input on those 2 seat models would be great. thanks guys.. tempress elite high back tempress probax elite high back
  15. looking for an itroll for my kicker. fit kit doesn't matter since it will be installed on a motor they don't offer a kit for, so it'll be a custom install anyway. anyone have one they want to part with? thanks!
  16. i have a crestliner eagle 2450 that came with a 25hp merc 4 stroke kicker from the factory. supposedly it weighs about 3400 lbs dry. the 25 hp kicker pushes it around easily. i can troll down to 1-ish mph/sog on the gps and it will run about 6 mph wide open. truthfully, i've been entertaining the idea of downsizing it to a 9.9 efi suzuki, just for the efi. the merc performs great though.. has never given me a lick of trouble, starts good, runs good etc, but i'm drawn to efi... just because it's efi! i've been pricing it out recently.. ouch. i just can't justify spending that much to replace a perfectly good motor. but if i were in your shoes, i'd be ordering a 9.9 efi zuke and an itroll!
  17. I'm planning on replacing my seats and peds this year and want to go with an adjustable. not manual ones. i currently have springfield bases and peds now but i don't mind having to swap out the bases if need be. so what are some good adjustable ones that are reasonably priced?
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