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  1. I would like to thank the crew of the Yankee Troller.... Rick, Craig and Josh for a great time on Saturday . I was a rookie observer on their vessel. They and the entire Wilson Harbor Invitational staff were very friendy and professional. This was an awesome event, very professionally run. Like Rick said in his post the bite was tough, but they worked very HARD to put fish in the box. It was amazing to me that the best trout and salmon fisherman in the world were so humbled by the conditions from the bar to the oak that nobody weighed more than three fish and so many were skunked. It just goes to show you who is really in charge. Thanks to all and I would not hesitate to participate as an observer once again. Bruce Sullivan.
  2. Brand new and unfished Musky or Pike lures. Came from a tackle shop on Chautauqua Lake that is no longer in business. #1) Handmade Bill Crane jerkbait 8 inch. #2) Craig Robbins Pro Series Jointed Crankbait Firetiger 7 inch. #3) Salmo Fatso Largemouth Bass floating 6 inch. If interested please pm or call 585-813-7470. I have many more that are not listed also brand new and unfished. Many Rich Newman hand crafted cedar lures. The lures I have listed here are 20.00 apiece or all for 50.00. Buyer to pay USPS Priority shipping. Thank you. Bruce.
  3. Thank you Capt. Ed for the great conversation and the tips. Hopefully your information will lead us to some nice walleyes. Can't thank you enough.
  4. Hello fellow LOU members. I am planning on taking a trip to Chaumont Bay in a couple of weeks and would like some help. We will be staying at Long Pt. state park on Pt. Penninsula. We would like to target some walleye. I am familiar to most of the region as we used to have a cottage here when I was young. The walleye fishery was not like it is today, then. We are set up for Lake O. trout and salmon . with riggers. -planer boards. down speed and temp. ect. I would like to know somewhere to start .....depths....lures...time of day (early.late).. speed..colors...ect. Any help will surely be appreciated. We have never trailered our boat so far east and are excited about the possibilty of some nice sized walleyes. Thank you.
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