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  1. 11 hours ago, Legacy said:

    So I rescheduled my trip to Ohio today. Originally I had planned to be there late season again for muzzy but I was able to grab a cancelation date and will be in Ohio November 12-14. Three full days during the rut in southern Ohio... Im looking forward to it!

    Good luck!  We're headed back out for the youth hunt on the 20th.

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  2. 13 hours ago, Gill-T said:

    first off, wow that is a large ticket item!  Second, what do you do when a deer is in cover and the range finder is reading bushes and branches in the foreground?

    You preset pins so if you hit the range button once they'll pop up.  So you could have 3 pins pop up set for 20, 30, 40 yards.  

  3. I have 3 cuddelink trail cams I'm looking to sell.  This is easy to setup and will email you pictures.  Note below is from their website.  I can even help you set everything up if you need help.  Looking to get $300 for the set.


    The Cuddeback Cuddelink Cellular Trail Camera Starter Kit Combo is the easiest way to get started with CuddeLink Cell. This combo kit includes one PowerHouse IR Cell and two J-Series IR cameras. With this set up, you can have photos remotely sent to your phone from up to 16 Cubbeback cameras and with the PowerHouse IR Cell, the range is extended to allow you to view your photos from farther distances.


    • Plans start at just $10 per month
    • Unlimited plan is just $30 per month
    • One cell can work with up to 16 cameras
    • Includes 3 cameras



  4. 7 Shimano TDR 8' 6" - $20 each sold 

    2 okuma Coldwater 10' 6" - $25  sold

    1 okuma classic pro 8'6" - $sold

    1 okuma classic pro 9'6" diver - sold

    1 okuma classic glt 10' diver rod - sold


    Local pickup only Buffalo area







  5. Slide Divers $12 each sold

    Rings - $3 sold 

    Fish Hawk TD - $100 sold 

    Daiwa 27 line counters - $45 each 3 left

    Seatalk Raymarine- $30

    Okuma SD 55L - $45 sold

    J-plug Lot - $20 sold 

    Shakespeare Line Counters - $25

    Would prefer pickup but will ship at buyers expense.   Located East Amherst








  6. We're looking to put in a few food plots at our lease this year.  The large field is centralized on the property and is about 4 acres.  I would really like to plant corn there and maybe mix in some beans.  I've been searching around for a 2 row corn planter and really haven't found much.  Any suggestions on where to look or recommendations?  Thanks!

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