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  1. On 1/7/2023 at 12:04 PM, Ccowell1 said:

    Anyone have a reloader that they would like to get rid of ? My nephew started shooting trap with us and we are going through quite a few rounds every month.  Looking for 12 Guage. 



























    I have one in my shed.  Ill try to dig it out this week.  I think one of the bottles is cracked.  Shoot me a pm if interested.  Thx

  2. 7 minutes ago, ckawaki said:

    So I got a question for anyone I shot a big buck this evening with my new cva optima I mostly hunt rifle in my area and switch it up tonight. I shot the deer at 60 yds it did a decent hop tail between the legs went down in 20 yards got back up I stayed in stand for 45 min right before dark to check I have not a lot of blood but it laid down 3 times in 30 yds I know I didn't jump it and backed out should I just wait till morning or go back late tonight

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    Shot a buck last year that did that.  Caught a little gut and he hunched a bit walking when he did get up to move.  Gave him about 8 hrs and he was dead.

  3. 1st one - Killer Instinct 350fps - great lightweight crossbow.  Comes with bolts, quiver and cocking string.  - $100 firm


    2nd - Bear Fisix FFL 375fps - great crossbow a little heavier that the killer instinct.  Comes with bolts quiver and cocking string.  $150 firm


    Located in East Amherst buyer must pick up.  Willing to meet within reasonable distance.






  4. 2017 Kioti 25hp tractor with 219hrs in great condition.  Used around the house and a few times to brush hog.  Hydrostatic transmission with high, medium and low gears, block heater.  $16,000


    Located in East Amherst, NY20220412_183033.thumb.jpg.d819030821219e5fc638460240fdf1da.jpg20220412_183103.thumb.jpg.4115b337311d55beca8045641d98679d.jpg20220412_183024.thumb.jpg.4dc94de30c071feb265033708ed245ce.jpg20220412_183050.thumb.jpg.b0c5e58ac3bd92561c65cdf7ede0764c.jpg

  5. 3 - Shakespeare Arsenal tw20lc - $20 each



    Okuma Magda 30 - $30



    Shakespeare Charter Special TR2000 - $50



    3 - Daiwa 27 lcb reels - $40/each



    2 Muddy Creek Maximizers brand new will fit any track system - $250 for the pair


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