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  1. I think you may be over-thinking it. Trolling is kind of a no-brainer, isn't it? You're not stalking a fish feeding in clear shallow water, trying to get a drag-free drift with an exact imitation of the 4mm long insect that it's choosing to feed on that particular hour, which is what fly fishers face. The electronics do all the work, and you don't even have to set the hook! If you have people willing to sit and steer a boat, which is about the most boring thing in the world, why don't you just let them do it and quit worrying about trifles???
  2. Do all boats steer like a 1979 Suburban? Eg: you spin the wheel and nothing happens until a full revolution, then the stupid boat finally responds, by which time you'd better be spinning the wheel the other way... so it's basically impossible to keep straight? My buddy the boat owner insists that this is how boats drive... I'm like check your linkages or something, it's retarded. It's an old 20' inboard. And what are all these super tricks that the master boat drivers use to goad the fish into striking??? I never want to get a boating license, driving the boat sucks bad.
  3. It's brutal driving 2h, over a hundred on gas, catching nada... that's some fishery alright.
  4. Yup. Would be hella expensive if we were in the other London, and a long drive too.
  5. A small crew of veteran Erie walleye/rainbow trollers is eager to get into some Lake Ontario salmon for a change. We're coming from London, and need advice on the best place to put the boat in, and general tips on what we should have spinning behind the downriggers, speed, depth, etc. It's a long and rather costly drive, and a new lake for us, we reeeeeally want to catch a fish or two, and would appreciate any advice! Thanks in advance! Icehut
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