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  1. Be happy they fixed it and it is on it's way back to you. A few more days in the grand scheme of things is nothing. they could have told you they were not responsible & it was user abuse. And what would your recourse really be ? You are not going to hurt them other than a few boat sales. I went through similar w/ my new boat had a bad valve in the engine. Dealer was a crook & did not do much for me but want to rip me off so I was sent to another distributer to have fixed , was mad as hell but it got fixed after a long while.So I feel your pain. Hopefully it's all good.
  2. Yet another reason for a 51st state.
  3. At the ADKs the last few years there is someone from a college or the state at each state public launch most of the time most every day all day at a card table inspecting boats. they give it the once over and ask where you last were . I think they are very worried about the lakes up there. Seems like window dressing to me. But who knows.
  4. I love the the commecials during the game that show a shinny new truck pulling a 10 ton trailer over boulders & threw mud or through fire. Show me that truck after doing that every day for 30,000 miles. If you are going to be out in 4'waves or worse on a consistant basis, something is bound to happen. IMO that boat is not made for that pounding . Maybe a more heavy duty commercial boat would be better. IMO not trackers fault.
  5. What ever happened to Pat jr. ? got convicted of child molestation & before sentencing he was released to go home. Next morn they found he escaped through a basement window & fell off the planet for a long while till he turned up in a hotel on the banks of Johnson creek in Lyndonville. I wonder how that all happened & who was paying his rent & feeding him money ? How many lives that guy ruin ? Maybe got his due in prison. Great lure all the same & one that changed the fishery , at least for me . Those & Pirates.
  6. California is like a box of granola. What aint fruits & nuts is flakes. Got any more. Have the urge to smash a watermelon.
  7. Nice 32 ftr in the classifieds. Can we get you to reconsider ?
  8. Track system, elec riggers , Rod holders, weights & releases', mast, boards , releases,fish hawk, rods, reels, mono , coppers, lead cores,wire, dipseys . lures etc. Before you spend a couple K on all that and bolt it to the boat might I suggest the purchace of a bigger boat first. Buy that & mount it, Jones all week about being out there & on game day you want to take the field & there are 2-4 ' waves & the big boats are out there putting the hammer down on the fish, you won't be happy sitting on the sidelines catching sunfish. I say that cause I been there done that. Easy to get caught up in the hype of all this . Got racks of rods & boxes of lures o the shelf to prove that also.
  9. BOAT............ Bust out another thousand. My setup was free. Scraps off the job site. Works great.
  10. I made a board for mine that i can take on nd off ,I have it across the gunnels w/ riggers at a 45 deg hanging off the sides in front of the motor well. You need to be able to get at them easily & safely so you can adjust depth & set your baits out. This is critical so you can keep from snagging & go after the fish you see on your depth finder.Very 9important for after labor day kings. I constantly adjust depth for this. Spring I like to run stickbaits back 75-200' and put the ball just under the surface or 10-15' off the bottom' once I get out over 12-15'. Caught many a spring king doing this.
  11. How you set the boat up will have a big impact on your success.Put your riggers , rodholders & boards in the right locations so you can get at them eaisily. You will need a depth finder . surface temp & speed also would be nice . Boards for spring. Shallow stickbaits best option. A pair of manual rigger would be nice when the fish are out past 10 -15' or so but not needed. Sticks or deep divers that run deeper can do that. Or put a few shot on in front of them . Only run a few rods at a time . You are not a big boat so don't try to be. The big boats have some big advantages . But a smaller boat can have some huge advantages over them . You can get in very shallow into the warm water . you are also much more nimble & can turn around & stay on the spot much easier than a big boat can. When the kings stage after labor day or when the fish are in a small piece of warm water springtime. Also timing is everything as you are not going to chase the fish all over the lake.Wind is everything . I bring my bass rods and I can't get on the lake I fish the creek. I have a 21' hardtop & a 16 aluminum . I have way more fun after labor day in the small boat. Safetyy first. Don't forget the net. Good luck
  12. I will help with the Sandy Creek pens. I am self employed carpenter for over 30 years. Busted my butt and still do. I was working on a union job once and remember the day I was told by union guys that I needed to slow down because I was making them look bad. There is a place for the unions that being said.
  13. Can't wait to see what next year brings. All this could be for nothing. We have had terrible years in the past ,only to have banner fishing the next. Crazy weather the last few years .. So Capt Vince , what were the results of the clipping studies that you participated in . I''d like to know that . Could shine a lot of light on the subject.
  14. Do not twist. i crushed the fibers & ruined a rod that way. Had my coustom 10 fly rod stuck. I drive a van so it was easy to transport. Used it about 10 times that way. Tried it one day & it came apart. Use it a while.
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