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  1. And all of them have always been found in the trawls, but until numbers are published for estimating purposes these are nothing but speculations. Also that crack team of trawlers has always done the same grids in the same locations at the same date, there is a problem with that logic. Alewives are temp sensitive, thus too warm or too cold will have a major impact on the findings and count, as they learned 2 or 3 years ago when all was baren and the idiots had to do the trolls again after it was pointed out that you need to be in the same areas but even more important, same temp zones. For as much credit as I personally give these govt boat, I give them just as much grief since there is little to no common sense that sometimes goes with those onboard....
  2. The question become how many young were in the trawler samples. Adult bait #s are nice to know and that is the key to having young bait around, but if all you have is 5-9 inch bait all over the place there isn't going to be anything for the young of the year salmon to eat let along the 2 year olds as well.... I really don't understand why most seem to miss this point. If you can't grow the fish to a big enough size to prey on the adults then you have lost a major battle...
  3. The worst part was that the wife would not answer her phone so i had to convince the tow driver to drive me back home. He wanted to leave me at a wegmans with my gear and firearms until a taxi could show up.... I convinced him that leaving me there might not be the best idea with my current arsenal and at 4:30 in the morning. He laughed and then agreed to drive me the 3 miles back to the house.....
  4. I hit one on the way to the farm that I have access to hunt on opening morning of gun season... It hit perfectly on the front of my terrain so that it looked as if the GMC decided to eat the young buck. 8700+ in damage to repair....
  5. I have seen those too.., This was different. It was really like varying shades of grey but you could still make out the white cheeks and butt feathers. Just a weird sight. If that one is still in the area on Wednesday, I'll try to pic it out, but with all the winds and snow here who knows where it is now.
  6. I saw something interesting last weekend but I was unable to post until now. Has anyone ever come across an albino Canada Goose? The reason that I ask is that last weekend after I had my limit and while I was waiting for ducks to come in, I ended up with about 250-275 Canadas on the pond. All looked like your typical Canada, but one was gray. You could still make out the markings on the cheeks and the difference in back and breast but overall the entire goose was a shade of gray. Has anyone else ever seen this? I wanted to take this one only due to the coloration, but since I was at my 3 bird limit, I was forced to wait until the ducks came in.
  7. I've used this as well. Great cripple loads but I think that I will stick with the Federal Blackcloud loads only due to the fact that the cutting ring makes a huge difference to me. When I hit a goose and it hits the water, it looks like a scene from Jaws. My cripple number is now less than 10% of birds harvested.
  8. And which of the dams are you thinking of that could be on that list? I can think of only 2 that would even have bottom substrate that would have any gravel above the dam, but the water would not have temps that are ideal for spawning fish thus I'll stick with a number of zero. Most likely that money would be better off suited for streamside plantings and rehab rather than a dam removal.
  9. Comical that the quality (fat content vs protein content) is left out of the discussion on the bait fish, but hey what ever facts that are cherry picked to try to prove your points rather than the entire picture.... I'd like to see all facts used not just ones that are easy to read....
  10. http://www.sooeveningnews.com/article/20141101/NEWS/141109914/-1/sports/?Start=1 I am trying to get the official write up on this study and not the newspaper spin on it...
  11. The reason that Davy stated here is the only reason that I switched up to the UV materials. They are much more consistent in length and rigidity.... Yes the natural non UV stuff is nice, but unless you are picking out your materials in person by hand, this seems to be the best way to go when you have to order it.
  12. Actually it should be on the reader to make that determination, not the poster. “Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.†Ben Franklin There is a ton of unwilling people on this board, myself included, but to understand the logic behind an argument is to truly understand the topic at hand
  13. Sorry, was here well before you, was never a LOTAC member, and I don't tie flies for snagging. But I do enjoy putting you in your place on 2 boards. Shot lines.... now there is a topic that actually has no merit.
  14. They are again a species that spawns multiple times before they expire (naturally) usually 3 to up to 5 times in the tribs based on the hatchery data, but a typical spawner is more like 2-3 spawns in the actual trib, and sometimes they spawn in the estuaries as well. They love to eat the gobies and other invasives so that would help to keep some of the numbers in check, but are needing help from the other species that are out there if the pacifics were gone. The other part is that they are also a species that does not drop their eggs and run straight back to the lake. You will find browns in the tribs from Sept thru april and sometimes into May if the water is cold enough. The ability to have an opportunity to fish for something year round is a good thing in my book. The other part is that they seem to pretty resilient to diseases that are found in hatcheries as well.
  15. Great post, and 100% accurate. The Lake Ontario Shoreline would look the the walking dead TV show with trollers who wouldn't/couldn't adapt, and yes it would stink with alewives....
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