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  1. In black river bay still... No way headed out any further this weekend in my 17+' deep V. Lake is rough. Everleigh Point I think it's called? North shore of BRB. That's the name that showed up on my Nav card anyway. Im not familiar with the area at all... First time up here. I'd say it was a success. Thanks to sammyslayer for some tips. Was nice sharing reports in real time on the water and trolling the same route lines. 40-55 FOW and caught fish suspended between 15-28' all on riggers. Green/Black/Silver Stinger was the $ spoon.
  2. I'm headed up to BRB this weekend for the first time, and can cruise around the bays as needed to find fish... haven't seen much for reports up that way. How has the fishing been lately? Looks windy this weekend...
  3. Fellas - I plan on providing real-time reports in this thread throughout this weekend... Hopefully it helps! I see Fri/Sat/Sun is N,NW winds... for those that know, is that a good thing?
  4. fishtails/sammslayer - Thanks for the reports... Sounds like some good fishing!! I cannot wait to get up there... Hope the Browns stick around!
  5. Hey sammyslayer thanks for all the info! I didn't realize there was a tourney upcoming... How's that going? Forecast shows rain M-F this upcoming week so I'm expecting some murky water by the weekend. You still suggest natural colors in these conditions? Good tip on the Laker trench... Will definitely try that out. Many Salmon in or near the bay or am I dreaming too hard about that one. Regardless, really looking forward to this trip!!!
  6. Seemed slow today... Compared to 2-3 weeks ago anyway. Went 4 for 5 all Lakers on Black/Silver and Green/Silver Stinger Spoons fished 80-110' down in 100-130 fow. None of any size to brag about. Where did the LL's go?
  7. Hi All - I'm headed up to Black River Bay area with my wife to camp and stay for 4 days next weekend with our new boat. We've never been up there before so I appreciate any help and insight to 'get on the fish' as soon as we can (my wife is no where near as patient as I am - so this would ensure that she enjoys the trip). I realize its a big walleye fishery this time of year... I grew up on Lake Erie in Sandusky Bay so I have a fairly solid Walleye background. I got an arsenal of tackle that covers Jigging, trolling harnesses/erie dearie's/bottom bouncers/deep diving rapalas, etc... Walleye are elusive so I know no single report is valid for more than a day or so until it completely changes. That being said - for those that are most familiar with the fishery up there, is there a specific area/ridge/depth and technique that seems to be the go-to method more often than not? I do see that it's calling for rain for 3-4 days before next weekend, so I'm expecting the water to be murky. Probably have to break out the chartreuse colors for a while... I'm more interested in hearing about any potential brown trout and salmon fishing in the area that's heating up. We have an 18' Deep-V walk through so we have to be cautious and pay attention to weather outside of the bays... but is anything biting within the bays or not too far out? What seems to be working well this time of year? I'm equipped with electric cannon downriggers, planar boards with mast, and can flat line with dipseys or snap weights too. I'd really like to hook into some King's if they're around... some football brown's would be great too. Thanks in advance for any tips, techniques, and insights as we prepare for this first trip in that area. Regards, -Devin
  8. dbutts - Thanks for your reply. I figured I may be able to get out once or twice this Winter. We'll see - I haven't been home in quite a while and have a lot to catch up on. Plus hunting season starts 3 weeks after I get back and I never miss that action. I will definitely look you up and PM you when I'm ready to go. Hopefully you find a new rig eventually! Head is on a swivel constantly over here.... Thanks again.
  9. Name: Devin Fleetwood Location: Windsor, NY Home Port: Garage Boat Name/Type: Slaying Salmon: 2012 Blue Deep V Tracker Pro Guide V-175 WT I fish for: Trout, Salmon, Walleye, Bass ================== My name is Devin Fleetwood and I am an avid fisherman and hunter since I was young. I grew up in Sandusky, OH so fishing for Bass and Walleye is well under my belt. I've also worked on one of the commercial fishing outfits on Erie during high school - I've seen A LOT of fish. I also enjoy Fly Fishing, and have been learning more about the Delaware River System each year that I live here in NY. I moved here in the Summer of '09 for work right out of college. I have my BSEE and MSISE degrees and work for a large defense contractor in the area. I am currently forward deployed with an Air Unit in southern Afghanistan, Helmand Province until mid-October serving as an FSR advisor to the USMC for certain technologies. This is one heck of a life experience out here - please continue supporting our brave troops. Anyway, my wife and I just bought a new 2012 Tracker Pro Guide V-175 WT with the 115 Mercury 4 stroke (haven't even had it on the water yet). I've outfitted it with dual Cannon Mag STX electric downriggers on swivel bases with telescopic booms, and a dual reel 6' planar board mast pedestal mount from Great Lakes Planers for the front seat base in my boat. I've been learning a lot about the downrigger way of fishing the last few months being overseas, and appreciate everyone's willingness to share tips and techniques to help out the new guys, like myself. This Forum looks excellent and I'm proud to be the newest member. Eventually, I hope to contribute to all the help and guidance that you experienced and veteran anglers provide to those new to the area and deep water fishing, like myself. I want to start my deep-water fishing learning experience on the Finger Lakes, since they are closest to home for me. I want to focus on 2 or 3 of the lakes for a year or two and really get the fishing techniques and procedures down pat. I look forward to meeting many of you out on the water and gaining new friends that share my same interests and hobbies. I'm willing to learn and listen from all of you to try to cut down the learning curve and enable some successful trips on the water fairly quickly. Since I don't get home till basically the end of the season, i'm not sure if I'll get out on the water at all this year... But I plan to fully take advantage of next season from Spring to Fall. I was thinking about what the best ways to quickly learn about the lakes, the underwater terrain, the fishing techniques, and the style of fishing in general without paying having to pay for a Charter (I see Billy V is a popular one this year on the Finger Lakes down from Lake O)? Would anyone with good Finger Lakes fishing experience be willing to go fishing with me next year on my boat or yours to help me learn some of the techniques involved, your B and C locations (I don't expect you to give up your A spot), and other tips for a trip or two until I get more comfortable and confident in what I'm doing? I'd hate to waste multiple good fishing days if I could be doing things differently or a more proper way. Or maybe going with a Charter is the best bet? I don't know. I look forward to fishing, learning, and sharing my comments with all of you. Best Regards, -Devin
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