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  1. I'm in Belleville for the long weekend so I decided to take a drive to Port Hope to see. Not much in the Ganny. There was a few fisherman up the ladder past the train track. Down by the boat launch there was people but maybe 1/4 capacity. No one had any fish on when I was there. There was still some boats docked. I talked with the guy that runs the bait n tackle shop and he told me he hasn't seen much either. People on boats coming back with fish but not much from shore. Hope this helps for some. Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Does it look like they are starting to come in? I fish from shore, in Port hope and cobourg. Trying to plan a trip. I know it's still a not warm but the past few years it's been very early.
  3. Port hope fairly quiet, not many people. There is fish here. Mainly salmon... Stragglers. The last run was last week and not much since. Rainbows are starting to stage to come in. A few people pulled a couple decent 15lbs out. Cobourg was the quietest I have ever seen. I was the only one fishing the creek. There was still salmon in there. I ended up landing a 28lbs one by myself. Netting him was quite the challenge. Biggest surprise was that it was on a rapala J10 and he destroyed my lure. Never had them hit on them at night but I lost 2 before landing this one.sent him back into the water Hope this helps. Paul
  4. I went up early sept a week before your post and there was not one fish in the creek. Must have been very early. I had better luck in port hope [ Post made via iPhone ]
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