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  1. Oak Park Resort Marina is open! I was a boater under the previous owners and current owners. When the new owners bought the place 5 years ago, they made many upgrades and improvements. The bath house and landscape were improved. The boaters lounge, fire pit, inn and pool side grill were added. Weekly entertainment was added also as well as a more expansive social calendar. As with every marina, each year boaters come and go. I have seen many boaters that have left, return. As well as many new boaters arrive. The fact is, Oak Park is still the most popular marina on the Bay. There are more boaters at Oak Park then any other marina on the bay. That is a fact supported by a physical survey of inventory. Any negative comments on this site are more a comment on the reviewer then on Oak Park. Don't believe it, you should check it out for yourself. I got out of boating a few years ago. But if I ever get back in, I'll go right back to Oak Park.
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