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  1. Thanks...will have a couple more vids in a week or so!
  2. Small steelhead vid from last week.....
  3. Thanks! Its was actually north east PA in the mountains.
  4. This is the gunpowder river...it's a hike as it's in Maryland
  5. Well I have kind of been on a trout kick so far this summer...lucky for me I live close by to a couple of great streams. More action on wild reproducing trout from my home waters....this never gets old for me as I grew up in the Adirondacks if NY and trout was all I fished for when I was younger. My dad and I had a sweet 28' Parker, twin Yamaha 250's on the back...trips in the bay and out to the canyons for rock and tuna...but trout fishing is my first fishing love...and i have come full circle. Small vid of the action...all with Panther Martin size 4 or 6 gold spinners.
  6. Well we went up to my dad's house for the fathers day weekend and I had to get out to some local trout spots for some brookies....these fish I never get tired of! A sign of clean, cold water and wilderness....love these fish. Small video of the action.
  7. Thanks...i get up only once a year unfortunately!
  8. Thanks all...yup the colors make it special!
  9. Very nice vid! Looks like some fun...couple of huge lakers!
  10. Some more trout action...sort of the leftover vids from our trip to NY...but still a few cool fish for one more video!
  11. Go with the chest mount...its all i use for fish vids...it comes with a head mount you can use but its way too much movement IMO. Good luck! Lot of fun to relive your fishing trips back at home.
  12. Thanks all! No not really with the Centerpin...that being said my father has been centerpining for a few years and keeps trying to convert me!! He wants to make another Centerpin rod and i will try it earnest next fall. I just bought a new St.Croix wildriver steelhead and LOVE it so you know how it goes...
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