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  1. Hey Guys....some salmon we caught last year, sadly lost a lot of my footage to a corrupted SD card, even lost my sons first solo salmon....not happy. Anyways enjoy! https://youtu.be/GYPStn3aQv4
  2. Short video of us fishing in Florida...what a great day! Caught one shark, one huge reddrum, and a stingray that gave birth on the boat. Can't wait to do it again. https://youtu.be/0nk2NmqDRaw
  3. Winter blues??? check out some action from 2017. https://youtu.be/23JOc46HhZg
  4. Do you have any copper set ups for sale or line counter reels...just trying to make it worth the drive down...let me know. you can email me pictures or items for sale at [email protected] Thx...
  5. Any idea how much shipping would be to Toronto?
  6. Im looking for a pair of gimbal's with track.
  7. Ok guy's just bought the HDS5 GEN2 unit, i will post a review of this unit once i have field tested it. Purchased st Sail for $650 comes with a $100 rebate from Lowrance. I hope it warms up quick...
  8. Im concerned that without the 50khz deep water may be a problem. Ive read some post were people suggest not to buy a FF without it. Whats your opinion? Can you pick up thermocline with other frequencies?
  9. Hello All, Anyone out there run this fish finder without the structure scan option? I really like the capalities of this FF however not sure if i can justify the cost of the structure scan. What im looking for is a FF with chartplotting that has 50khz for a cost around $700.00 tops. I would consider a fishfinder without the chartplotting but the 50khz is a must. (i think). Thanks
  10. Wow, I am so happy i joined this site, everyone has been so helpful and i want to thank all for taking the time to answer my questions. Yankee Troller please do send info for people looking for a observer this sounds like a great way to gain experience. I fell like i can now make some knowledgable purchases thanks to everyone. I'm sure i'll have many more questions but now look forward to the chatter. Thanks Again Pescado Out!
  11. This is great guys I'm loving this site. The info everyone has provided is awesome. Tom's comments on load distribution has me a little concerned now. My boat is a Sea Fox 204CF the only way i can mount equipment and secure it with backing plates would require me to drill large holes to access under the gunnel walls as my walls are totally enclosed. With that being said i was looking to mount all my equipment using gimbals. My boat has four factory supplied rod holders. Im thinking of using the back two for the riggers and the two closer to the front for dipsy's. What your opinion? Thanks everyone.
  12. Pete, Would you recommend using 2 dipsy rods vs stacking the down riggers?
  13. By the way Pete, NICE BOAT LOOKS GREAT, What kind is it?
  14. Thanks for the response Pete, I like the idea of going out on a charter i'm sure lots of knowledge would be gained from it. I think i'll even take a GPS with me to record our travels. I guess the best way to put it is, If you had to chose one set up that consisted of four rods and one spread that you had to commit to, What would it be? This is fun Thanks again, Pescado
  15. Hello All, I have been fishing for 30 years and love it, the last 15 years i have been chasing muskie around the Kawartha's and Georgian Bay. The driving to these locations all though beautiful have become challenging and costly. Considering i live in Toronto 5min away from Lake Ontario one of the best Salmon fisheries around it only makes sense to begin a more serious approach to Salmon fishing. I bought a new boat and now have the pleasure of outfitting it with all the equipment necessary for salmon fishing. My question to you fellow anglers is, how should i get started? i have read lots of material on equipment and techniques for salmon fishing but i would love to hear from the guys that actually fish these waters. I will be installing two down riggers and using up to four rods to start. Keep in mind i am a beginner, i would like to know with only four rods available what kind of set up would be best. I will be fishing out of Bluffer's and once i gain knowledge and experience i will most certainly contribute back to fellow fisherman, for now "HELP" 1.What size reel should i be looking at? How much line should it hold? Should i buy four of the same? Should they have line counters? 2.What type of rods? again should they be all the same? 3.What type of line? Should i have a mix of mono,lead core,braided? 4.What would be a good selection of lures to begin with? 5.What speed should i be trolling at? I know this changes due to conditions but just a starting point will help. 6.What size of cannon balls? 7.Any info pertaining to fishing Bluffer's is welcome 8.Where's the fish? (just kidding) WOW, Who ever answers all of this totally deserve's at the very least a Double Double from Tim's Pescado Out!
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