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  1. Launched yesterday at Skyway Bridge at about 3:30 pm --about 5:30pm hooked up with a "screamer" while heading East toward Oakville--I heard of a few lake Trout and Kohos being taken--so I set one rigger 45 ft down and one 75 ft down--started out in 80 ft of water and was intending to head deeper when the one at 45ft went off. I had a good 5 minute fight with what I assumed was a King--he had just started his third "run" when the hook pulled out--I am fairly new to this kind of fishing but he sure felt like a monster. The only glimpse I got was a huge tail about 40 ft from the boat just before he got off. I hooked him on the Atomik fly behind a green flasher. My heart is still ponding.
  2. I've been out of Bronte Harbour twice in the past 10 days--caught a 10 lb Laker, 10 lb Rainbow, and a couple of 5-6 lb Cohos---but I saw a couple of 20 lb plus Chinooks landed on other boats. We were fishing 80 to 120 fow--caught at 60 ft down. I used spin doctor/monkey- puke spoon combinations---but I am new to this and am trying to learn the tricks--I sure other boats may have done better. There were not a lot of boats on the water--compared the usual summer blitz--but there are fish to be taken, just that the bite has been inconsistent. For the first time this year I was marking schools of baitfish (anywhere from 20 to 80 ft down). Good luck.
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