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  1. I have a 17" sea nymph 175gls.

    I use a 55# I-pilot on the front and a 55# engine mount to troll. get 8 to 10 hours at 1.8 mph average with no head wind battery life.

    the I-pilot doesn't react fast enough for me, neither in direction or speed, so I steer It by hand...IE...it was just as easy to use a foot pedal power drive, only drawback was having to deal with a cord.

    in windy conditions it helps to keep the boat straight by pulling the bow into cross winds.

    spot lock works on calm days, but any wind...back to working by hand or anchoring up

    the 24 volt system might make the processor in the computer react quicker.

    I would like to know if anybody has had experience with both 12volt and 24 volt and if it does react faster???

    tight lines gentleman, hope this helps...

    sea nymph 016.JPG

  2. I've seen bumps or para sites on walleyes from several different lakes/rivers in new York.

    delta lake and Mohawk river most notably.

    it has got me concerned as to water quality in these areas

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