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  1. Okuma Clarion CLR-553LS 6.2:1 ratio high performance reels with rod brace spooled with 30# braid backing & 27# Tuf-Line 10 color micro leadcore & 30# Quattro mono leader Never Used! $120.00 each or $220.00 for pair of 2 - includes shipping to south shore Lake Ontario area. In original factory box with instructions. Shimano Talora 8 1/2 foot TLA-86MH-2A rod with nylock gimbel butt. Never Used $80.00 each or $150.00 pair of 2 - Includes shipping to south shore Lake Ontario area. contact [email protected] or 410-757-3503 - leave email or phone # with ?'s & payment arrangements. Ref. this posting ! Free local pickup - Annapolis, MD area.
  2. I'm in Annapolios MD near U S Naval Academy - priority 3 day mail shipping to your area is probably about $35.00
  3. New - pair big jon otter boats $170.00 + shipping or free local pickup approximately $30.00 shipping to Olcott/Wilson area. Used - big jon manual dual reel mast without base $280.00 + shipping or free local pickup - will need to check shipping to supplied postal zone supplied! contact: [email protected] or phone 410-757-3503 with ?'s or purchase arrangements leave email or phone # ref this posting! -also have lots of other salmon trolling gear - new & used-
  4. Homemade rod storage rack for basement/garage requires minimal area - connstructed with 1 & 1/4 PVC - holds 24 rods with reels requires approximately 3 feet by 4 feet floor space !
  5. Is it there and working anymore? web address I've used for years no longer works! Is there a new web address if it is still there? And if so could someone post it! Thanks Leonard
  6. I have a 2005 Tracker 175 Targa with 90 HP Merc 2 stroke & 9.9 Merc pro kicker 4 stroke aux that has been used entire month of May thru 2014 out of Olcott NY on Lake O. Run as far west as The Bar and trailer as far east as Point Breeze! Have had 0 hull problems in that time. I live on Chesapeake Bay (saltwater) in Annnapolis MD area and use the boat extensively June thru December there. I traded a 21 ft Pro Line center console for this boat (ease of trailering) and have 0 regrets! I try to fish in less than 4 footer's but that is not always possible. Sounds like you got a boat built when the welder showed up with a hangover! My Tracker has caught hundreds of Salmon, Trout, Stripers, Bluefish, Seatrout and numerous Drum, Cobia & Walleyes also. Hope Tracker makes things right with you! I can say nothing but good things about mine! By the way it is set up for trollng, downriggers,sub troll, planer boats etc. and I went to Cumberland Lake KY to purchase it! Used buddys 23 ft fiberglass deep V w/a cuddy May 2015 on Lake O for a little more comfort (we're both 70+) but didn't catch a greater amount of fish! By the way I have a 32 ft Tiara I use offshore for Billfish & Tuna! Good Luck hope all turns out OK!!
  7. What's going on with this? You go to it and it has 25 -50 duplicate old entries and that is all!
  8. Anyone here know of a source to purchase "unrigged" Rapture Trolling Flies as I prefer to rig with my own choice of hook, beads & leader ! Thanks for any info you may have.
  9. Anyone here Have Or know of anyone familiar with Charter Captain Deluxe Rocket Launcher Planer Board Mast & Rod Holders GLP - 001 as currently offered on ebay and if so what is your thoughts on it ! I.E. are they worth the asking price quality wise etc? Thanks in advance for any feedback. Leonard
  10. Thanks for all the replies! Issue resolved! New 2015 20 HP 4 stroke engine delivered to me yesterday, bracket from Saltboss to be here by coming Wednesday and boat is at service center for complete installation, by the way Control King trolling speed control is also being installed on the kicker. Thanks again, Catch Em Up! Leonard
  11. Thanks a bunch for all the info - just remembered boat has hydraulic power steering on the Alpha I - steers extremely hard without engine running! How do you steer the kicker with the I/O engine not running? If you have to leave I/O engine in neutral at idle - pretty well negates any fuel cost savings with the kicker for trolling! Aren't boats just great!! Leonard
  12. have a 23 ft 8.5 ft beam deep V fiberglass boat with 5.0 liter Merc Alpha I I/O and a swimplatform! Wish to add 20 HP 4 stroke O/B to starboard side of transom with side mounted remote controls starboard side of cockpit. Any suggestions as to type of bracket for transom? Do I need power tilt on kicker? Or depending on type bracket no power tilt? Recommend steering controls for I/O to O/B. Transom is full solid with door access to swim platform! Have heard of kicker mounted to swimplatform - anyone have this or info? Any and all info greatly appreciated. Current boat is aluminum walk-thru with large O/B to 9.9 Pro Kicker with tiller controls and mechanical rod steering from large O/B to kicker! Easy access from stern of boat - not so on the Deep V fiberglass I/O. Thanks in advance for your help. Leonard
  13. Thanks Coho Queen - Will be in Olcott entire month of May this year and shall make an effort to attend depending on how the fishing is the 15th. Hopefully we will be all done in the AM and can give em a rest in PM !
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