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  1. Went out around noon once the fog lifted some lowest water I saw in the Chanel was 3.4 fished from there to salmon river picked up 1 in 11 fow on a spoon and had 2 releases with nothing on Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Anyone doing anything out of sandy pond I plan on going out Sunday morning and have never left from there any advice is appreciated Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. bf1180

    Oneida 7/21

    Yeah the fishing has slowed way down got our 2 man limit today but had to work hard for it time to go salmon fishing I think
  4. killed them today east end of the lake got around 15 walleyes unfortunatly alot where 14 inchers but still 8 keepers and one was 22 so good day for us. all cought on worm harnesses also got some perch and a crappie last nights west wind did some good i guess 20 to 30 fow drifting best part my son put them all in the boat
  5. Thanks guys for the info I've been doing better the trolling has been doing better I got a few on a blue and silver yozuri and a rapala husky jerk also hit some on worms also thanks again
  6. I have just started fishing oneida this year with little success I keep my boat near Lewis point I have been trolling worms,shiners , stick baits running as slow as 1.5 and and up does anyone have any suggestions?? Do I need to get slower maybe ??? I have boated walleyes but its been a def struggle and a lot are small. Thankfull for any info
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