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  1. Last week, I was quite surprised but not necessarily amused when, attempting to land a Steelhead on lake Ontario, the entire net assembly (basket and handle) slid off from its rubber grip and fell in the water of Lake Ontario. It floated just long enough to give me a last tease and then started sinking when the water ingressed the telescopic handle. With three other lines in the water and moving forward and my GF holding on to the fishing rod, our options were somewhat limited to watch it sink and stare at the empty rubber grip still in my hand. For those considering purchasing a landing net for Lake Ontario fishing, this might be one thing you may want to keep in mind...either securing the grip of their Frabill net or look at another product.
  2. Legally, you require a license. In the past, I only carried a portable one except last year I sold my Lund Fisherman 1700 and upgraded to a Campion Explorer 552 that came with a VHF marine radio. I intend to take it sometime this spring through a sailing club and then write the exam in time for fishing season. Kuba...VHF Marine frequencies are different from HF frequencies (and VHF- if 2 meter set-up falls in the VHF category) and VHF frequencies used in the aviation world.
  3. Just acquired a 2013 Tohatsu 9.8 HP long shaft 4 stroke to use as a kicker on a Campion Explorer 552. I got the outboard for 2K and it came with a 5 yr warranty. I also acquired and installed the EZ Steer to connect the kicker to my Penta SX drive. Once I am done connecting the GPS to boat power and installing two scotty rod holders, I will take the boat out for a spin and test its configuration.
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