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  1. had a 125 h.p.1987 force for years, never had a bit of trouble with it. one of the best outboards i,ve ever owned.
  2. save yourself alot of agrivation and do it on land perferably in a garage. heaven only knows what you are going to run into when you start taking it apart. i always find that if you have a good lpace to work and are comfotrable the job seems to go better this way its out of the weather and so are you if it takes longer than you think. which it usually does. just my thoughts.
  3. boats are so much fun aren,t they...................................
  4. well i now have the fuel issue cleared up so on to the prop. the boat is a 1973 searay 19 foot srv and is powered by the straight six 165 hp motor. the prop is a 3 blade 16 inch dia. with a 16 pitch. at full throttle my rpm,s are only 35 to 3700 with just me in the boat and a slight chop. was told that the rpm should be around 4 to 4200. again the low rpm could damage the valves. don.t know a thing about this so i,m sure some one can help me out. the motor runs smooth and brings the boat on plane very fast but top speed is only about 32 to 34 miles per hour at 35 to 3700 rpm. so could it be the prop or should i lose a few pounds as some one suggested. thanks all.
  5. thanks every one, will find some addative and find the proper oil. love this forum.........
  6. i have a 19 ft 1973 searay with a 165 h.p. straight six motor. it says on the side of the valve cover to use leaded fuel. little hard to find in 2013. have been told todays fuel could damage the valves if run on reg fuel over a period of time. don,t know what the previos owner ran in it but the motor runs smooth and seems to have power. so my question is do i run it on reg fuel or can i get a addative to put in the fuel that has lead or something in it to make up for the unleaded fuel? thanks alot.
  7. i started catching more fish when she started comming with me...... and yes she has taught me a thing or two......
  8. thanks guys.....just thought there would be some one on this side that would know this area. will try spoonpullers and thanks
  9. all these little things are good to know. thanks. nothing saves you more money than regular maintenance and listening to what other peaple say . none of us know it all.
  10. my wife is usually right about most things. took me about 15 years to catch on. maybe a little male pride it bruises very easily. she wants to come salmon fishing with me this summer, which is fine, she likes the sun and being on the water since she is from newfoundland and used to fish with her father when she was younger. anyone else take their wives or is it taboo??????
  11. come on guys..... somebody out there must fish this area of the lake.... don,t want your secrets just general info on where to start and what to expect....... thanks again.......
  12. i used to try and fix just about everything myself. sometimes it worked but most of the time it didn,t or worked for a while or it didn.t work the way it should just half assed. i used to get frustrated and my blood preasure would go off the chart. my wife [who i consider verey wise] kept telling me to just bite the bullet and get it repaired by a pro. know my blood preasure is under controll and i sleep at night. and have more time to fish. so in my case the benifets were three fold. just my two cents worth finnlander
  13. This is my first year fishing L.O.Don.t know what to expect as far as time line on the north shore. I will be fishing mostly out of Port of Newcastle, Whitby and possibly Pickering. That will be as far east as i would like to go since i live north of Newcastle I could also fish out of Port Hope. Do not know what species will be in these waters and at what time of the year they are there. I gather from the different posts that its mostly browns right now in shallow water. Can browns be caught out of these ports and what about cohoe or rainbows.Also when do you start fishing in the deeper water? Any info would be greatly appreiciated concerning when to fish for what. What about the so called blue zone? how far off shore for this and what should i expect to catch there and when. I enjoy catching anything does not have to be kings. thanks all.
  14. do what i do when something mechanical goes wrong. take it to a qualified marine mechanic. 9 times out of 10 in the long run its cheaper and its repaired properly.
  15. well i guess that pretty well clears that up. sure is alot to take in on this salmon fishing. all i wanted to do was try to catch a few fish and have some fun. maybe i.ll just go back to walleye and bass fishing.......mmmmmmm maybe not. thanks maybe trying to take to much in at once.
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