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  1. How when and on what and where lol we tried everything possible without a nibble Saturday
  2. Can you get some c4 or dynamite because that's about the only that will catch fish on Cayuga lake right now lol trolled all day yesterday threw everything at em and ended up with one 12 inch salmon
  3. Trying to get in the launch was completly ridiculous we were waitin on a boat to back out and as we were pullin in some guy starting backin his boat up right in front of us of course the dumbass pleasure boaters who don't have a clue what they are doin are sittin at the dock playing with their kids and not moving their boats Meyers definently needs to have an employee there to regulate boats in and out other than that good day on the water got a nice brown and a bunch of throwbacks
  4. We are in we left our money at Barney this morning along with crazy eddy forgot to sign up on Lou we are on the boat spoon me blue Starcraft islander
  5. The lamprey was still on the brown when we netted it and we haven't even looked at the main yet. It has run perfect everytime we started it but I think we sucked something up through the fuel. Or it could be because it's one of those nasty bow tie motors in it lol
  6. Launched out of long point a little late this mornin started right off with engine problems but made it out headed south then turned around and went back towards aurora got back around the launch and hit one three pound laker on a black evil eye and as soon as that pole went back down got another hit on the slider line with a orange nk and got a 3 pound brown 45 feet down or so. Made it about to aurora and big motor quit with fuel issues we think carb is gummed up so turned around and made a very slow and painful trip back to the launch with the kicker.
  7. Are you selling the whole lot if so how much I live in whitney point
  8. We run all balls right off bottom 6 inches to a foot occasionally bouncing
  9. Blue and silver or green cowbells with a 1 1/2 foot leader with a peanut and beads before the hook scraping the bottom with the rigger ball takes the big ones for us
  10. Will I be able to register tonight at Barney's does he have the entry forms
  11. Ok will leave right from work give us plenty of time
  12. What time will Barney and bears close at Myers on Thursday and Friday I still need to make it over there to register
  13. If u want to run two f/f setups on one rigger I recommend a stacker not a slider
  14. I understand everyone's point of view and there will always be the great archery debate I say we all just say piss on it and let's go fishin cause we still have some amazing fishing ahead of us before any hunting occurs lol
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