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  1. Will mag spoons fit in the 5" special mate box ?
  2. Very good condition, $70.00 each, $120.00 for both plus shipping. Or can be picked up in Sodus Bay area or Kutztown PA.
  3. One owner lightly used Depth Rader for sale. $200 - requires new coated cable.
  4. Ok thanks,I heard if you had them mounted to close you could get some interference I will give it a try.
  5. Got a Fish Hawk X4,would it be ok to mount the transducer within 6" of my Helix 10 gen G4N transducer?
  6. I am looking to replace my lowrance with a helix any input would be greatly appreciated,does it come with the transducer?
  7. I heard if you are a non resident of New York but own property in the state you can now apply for a permit.Any one have any info on this?
  8. Is it passed now that you can use rifle in Wayne county for deer?
  9. Nice job . One thing i noticed was no life jacket,which i am often guilty of it to. I was out solo once and almost went in the drink netting a fish. Got to thinking about if i would have fell in, all i could do was watch my boat drive away. Just something to think about.
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