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  1. One owner lightly used Depth Rader for sale. $200 - requires new coated cable.
  2. Ok thanks,I heard if you had them mounted to close you could get some interference I will give it a try.
  3. Got a Fish Hawk X4,would it be ok to mount the transducer within 6" of my Helix 10 gen G4N transducer?
  4. I am looking to replace my lowrance with a helix any input would be greatly appreciated,does it come with the transducer?
  5. I heard if you are a non resident of New York but own property in the state you can now apply for a permit.Any one have any info on this?
  6. Is it passed now that you can use rifle in Wayne county for deer?
  7. Nice job . One thing i noticed was no life jacket,which i am often guilty of it to. I was out solo once and almost went in the drink netting a fish. Got to thinking about if i would have fell in, all i could do was watch my boat drive away. Just something to think about.
  8. Any new ways to keep mice out of camp? tried mothballs,dryer fabric softer sheets,posion.Still when i get there after a few weeks there is droppings found.
  9. : Mudflat after doing a little checking around you are definitly right. Went back to cabela today they offered me $200 off a HDS7 insight usa they had in stock w/$200 rebate.So a got it for $749. I guess now im sorta happy.
  10. What i have is the HDS5 fish finder,gps chartplotter,Lake insight.HDS 4.0 software.Was goning to exchange it for the hds-7 sonar/gps combo at CABELAS which is advertised for $599 after 200.00 rebate.They don't have them (hamburg store) item#02741429 and said they don't know when they will get them.So why put them on sale? Sale starts jan. 5th.Called Neb. cutomer service she said she could ship one from another store,I said fine, gave her credit card info.Called me back and said no stores have any.Ain't that strange?
  11. Man i miss smashing them christmas lights,how about putting up some eggs for easter.
  12. I always try to never leave the dock without my 12 volt booster pac,has a cig.lighter port in it so it also is handy to charge phones ect.Got stuck out there once with dead battery,can put a damper on your afternoon.
  13. Well i dont have to worry about it anymore,just got cabela end of season sale flyer.They have the hds 7 sonar/gps combo on sale for $599.00 after rebate. Gonna do an exchange.
  14. Santa brought me a lowrance hds 5 for Xmas,i was looking for a hds 7.Is there much differance other than screen size. Will it work good for trolling lake o.
  15. Hunting east side of sodus bay area and seems to be an increasing number of coyotes. Two were shot in my area while deer hunting "and seen very few deer". Just wondering what you guys are seeing.
  16. Are you cleaning the barrel after shot groups?
  17. On dipsy rod set up whats better to use braided line or wire? And why?
  18. Spray 9 might work also,its a very good cleaner.
  19. Will be fishing lake O in mid aug. Will the fleas still be bad? If so I read to use 30# test,any special brand?
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