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  1. Thanks for the info Sk8man. i appreciate. for salmon and steelhead, what will be the best temp to target?
  2. I would like to know if the Fish Hawk TD can be a good product to purchase if i go only 3-4 week-end per season on the lake Ontario. Unfortunately I dont have the budget for the X4 so that's why i'm looking for this small unit. Thanks
  3. It was slow for me last week-end. Got couple of steelhead an coho in 160fow but no chinook. I discussed with other guy at the marina and they gooooood succes in 200-300fow on steeelhead too.
  4. We were at Whitby during the same date and it was good in the 300-400 fow. 30-40 feet down. 60degre surface temp
  5. This is my report for today. 7 rainbow and 1 Coho. Between 260 and 330 fow, 25-35 feet deep, 53 degre. Pgood result on Dipsy and spoon (blueberry muffin, michael Jackson and orange spoon). Not a lot of action on spin and fly Excellent result on lead core 10 colors.
  6. I will be close to there Friday for 3 days so i will post my report. I will be arond Whitby.
  7. One of my fried was there yesterday. 4 king and 2 Bows. 150 fow and mostly on spoons
  8. I have a Garmin Gpsmap 430x and i'm not able to connect with satellite. Someone have an idea how i can fix that. I tried everything. I reset with the factory setting and still the same...
  9. Hi I have to buy a battery just for my downrigger. I have 2 Cannon mag 10. I dont know which one to choose. Deep cycle? How many amps do i need for 8-10hrs fishing trip? Someone can tell me what can be good? Thanks
  10. only because i will use that 3-4 times per year and i plan to change my boat eventualy.
  11. I'm looking to buy a handheld VHF. Someone have review abour the Uniden Atlantis 250 and the standard Horizon HX150. Both are the same price but the standard horizon float and the Uniden is only splash proof. My concern is more about the quality and reception. Thanks
  12. windfinder, sailflow, windalert, windGuru, Dipsy troller
  13. Why some are 4 stroke and some for 2 stroke? How do you know if it fits. The size of the plate i screw on the boat i have to verify?
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