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  1. Well I have been having a great time in this awesome fishery and today was no exception. Caught another King with my limited experience and equipment so feeling pretty good. I did have a most unpleasant experience this evening however. Fishing with the pack off Mexico point and everyone is doing there thing when all of a sudden a most unfriendly voice yells to me in my little boat. If you cross my lines I will “sink your boatâ€. Yupp... sink my boat he said it twice. Then he called me by my actual name and said I was a punk. Now this was a charter boat who continued to lament about how he does this for a living and I am only out there for fun. Anyway I won’t tell you who it was however I am sure some of you already know who I am talking about based on his behavior. I am sure I am not the first person he was obnoxious to. Anyway most everyone else is super nice and helpful. I will say he is lucky I don’t call the police and have him arrested for threatening. They don’t take kindly to those kinda threats these days.
  2. Hey guys fished out of Sandy Pond solo this morning 6am-11:00am started in 180 fow and fished 145 down as I was seeing the marks. No way to test the temp but heard it was deep. Took 1 fish all day on a pro troll flasher with a atomik green fly. Not sure how much it weighed no scale. It was 36 inches and fat fat fat. After that I went over by the Nuke plant with about 40 other boats. I tried fishing deeper water as sun came up like 260 fow 165 down. Got a couple of releases but no hookups. Call me silly but I am not even sure what kind of fish I got. Pretty sure it is a KING! You guys can school me now.
  3. $27 on ebay just got it...The thing is kinda finiky and I am not sure how long the wire is. I am tempted to buy a fish hawk td digital at depth but the little thing is like $150. It would be helpful in gauging dipsy depths and all but I am not sure I even want to hook a $150 device onto the end of my line and let it out. Temp easily measured on dr ball also with same device but I would hate to loose that thing.
  4. I have heard you can find the thermocline by turning up the sensitivity on your fish finder. I plan to try that this week out there however I have a backup plan below.
  5. Well the setup I have to run is an Okuma Magda Pro 20dx with Power Pro 40lb test 10 braid 300 yards of it. So a Magnum on that out 300 should get me to 100? I also have 2 riggers Cannon and Big Jon and a Shimano Tekota 600lc 25lb Trilene Big Game mono to use. I have 10 color leadcore on a Diawa LG47 trolling rod and just for kicks I put my Striper reel an Avet MXL 5.8.1 on a rigger rod also that has Power Pro 40lb braid as well. So look for the 18 foot Tan Sylvan Expedition with 90hp Honda 4 stroke off of Sandy Pond all this week Aug 17th to the 23rd. I will be fishing my a## off and hope to do well.
  6. Hello all, Great forum here so much useful info for the novice great lake fisherman like myself. The question I have is concerning dipsy divers. I have read dipsy out at 250 or 190 or some other number. I can only assume I am going to need to be at 100 foot or deeper this week at the lake based on water temps. I have 1 #0 dipsy and 2 #1 dipsy's and the chart stops at setting 0 with ring 150 feet out to achieve just 70 feet deep. Is there a calculation past 150 feet out that you guys use? Are you all using Magnum Dipsy's. Please weigh in.
  7. Hey guys here it is my big trip is coming up. I am staying in three mile bay for 4 days June 13th to the 16th and fishing small mouths on Saturday and Sunday (that technique I’ve got down pat). However Thursday and Friday I have my sites on the trench between Main Duck and Galloo Island.I have an 18 foot Sylvan Aluminum with a 90HP Honda four stroke (great boat). I am setup with 2 rods with lead core and at least 2 rods for the 2 downriggers I have. I have 2 fish finders as well including a GARMIN GPSMAP 546S which is also a chart plotter. I have caught Salmon at Sebago Lake in Maine but it wasn’t easy (put in a great deal of time). I will be targeting Salmon, Browns or Lakers. Not really picky but would like to get on the fish somehow. I have been reading your reports for over 2 months now and have gotten some great information. I have flashers and atomik flies, I also have quite a few spoons and cow bells. I was wondering if the trench is my best bet in relation to where I am staying. I mapped it out and it looks like about 22 miles to the fishing grounds from the cottage. I welcome any and all help. Great Forum and so excited to try the fishery.
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