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  1. It's a 1970 Thompson and I have no idea why it cracked. The boat took a little water in on ruff days but judging by the crack I am imagining that the transom may be soft. It was kinda a impulse by and I'm starting to learn the break out another thousand ritual. I was thinking about getting the gel and resin and putting a plate over it but I don't wana run into these problems again.
  2. I just boat this boat and already the transom cracked. It's right inbetween the kicker and the main motor. Is thier any way to salvage this or am I screwed?!?
  3. What is the best way to target them. Fish the bottom I went searching for kings Tuesday morning and it was a desert.
  4. Mostly spoons green and yellow with black dot nk28 did work
  5. Had some fun on saterday out of sandy caught a nice variety of fish in about 180fow despite some battery issues.
  6. Thanks! I'm kinda new to the salmon and trout fishing world but I knew something was going on when thier was only one or two boats out thier at 7!
  7. Had a hell of a time finding fish today and got skunked on the new boat for the first time. I did good with the planner boards on conesus saterday but no luck with the big o! Any tips found a spot holding some fish about 90 ft but no bite!
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