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  1. Thanks again for shareing your experience. This has been my first year trolling and have found this to be a great site with lots of seasoned fishermen. I figured the weather would be to rough, but I figured I would run it past some people with more time on the lake
  2. thanks for the info guys. I am fishing out of a 21 foot trophy so I am sure it can handle it. Just trying to decide if it is worth battling the chop; my wife is working so I have to take my 6 and 8 year old boys. I take them out all the time but usually in much calmer water.
  3. I was thinking about going out on Seneca Lake one last time before winterizing the boat.the forecast is calling for winds out of the west southwest at 14 mph with gusts to over 20 mph. Does anyone have experience with this type of wind on Seneca Lake. I was planning to launch out of Sampson, and just wondering if anybody had any advice on how fish able the conditions might be.
  4. wind on Seneca Lake this weekend
  5. I was out of Hughes yesterday also, went 4/6 but didnt hit a single fish till I hit over 550 feet of water,and over 4 hours of trolling from 40 feet of water 200 feet of water without hardly marking any bait or fish
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