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  1. We have been fishing out of Sandy creek but not having any luck. Fishing from 100-300 ft. of water, 70-90 ft. down on downriggers and runninbg dipsy's 200 ft, back using spin doctors and flies with no luck, any tips would be helpful. Ed
  2. Hello Fishermen, my name is Ed I fish on my buddy Jeff's boat named Buck's Boat. Wondering if anyone out there can give us some helpful info. on the fishing. We have been in a bit of a slump we can't seem to catch any fish. Yesterday we went out and fished for 5 hrs. 1st thing in the morning. We had one screamer yest. morning about 8:30 am, lost it. That was in 192 ftw, 90 ft down on downrigger on spin dr. green wobble fly. Nothing rest of the am fished till noon we have no copper just mono using down riggers and dipsy we hav been at least seven different times only caught five fish total its getting frustrating what are we doing wrong any info would be greatly appreciated we are out of sandy creek thanks ed and jeff
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