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  1. Have MANY NK and Silver Streak Mag Spoons for sale. Many are brand NEW!! Want to get $4.00 for the NEW and $3.00 for the used. Act fast!!
  2. Hi Rob, I would charge $10 . I just send some to Canada this morning and it was close to that. Just let me know how many you want and I Can send them out. Thanks Jerry
  3. Looking to sell a G Loomis noodle rod 11' 6". Line rate 4-8lb Excellent shape! You will love this rod for winter steelhead!! First $250 takes
  4. Have a bunch G-Fly (30 or so) hammer flies. Both regular and blow hammers... These are bodies only! $2 each...get them fast!
  5. Have MANY new g-flies Iwould like to sell. These are the bodies only! WIll sell for $2 each. Mirage, green crinkle, white glow etc...
  6. Hey there... I dont have a pic but you can see the glo green on the site gflyinc.com you will LOVE them!! they are like the atommiks
  7. NEW green glow G-Fly's for sale. I have about 30 of them and want to sell all! $2 each. Just flies no hooks!
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