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  1. Thanks guys appreciate the input. Wife's birthday is coming up . I order 3 rigs from Atomic she can put them on the x mas tree after I'm done with them. Thanks again
  2. Cannonball rig Seen numerous post of folks having luck running a cannonball rig . Can someone post a pic or post infor. on this. Thanks
  3. Tell that old goat Fred in pic that some old IBMers would use his butt for an anchor if he was on our boat. lol ... It's been a long time and he hasn't changed a bit .
  4. Can anyone suggest where i can store a boat in the Fair Haven area at a reasonable rate ? Indoor or out would be suitable . Thanks
  5. Thanks for the quick responses . One more question . What would your preference be on what make wire and poundage ? Thanks again
  6. Purchased a 600lc tektoa If i were to set it up for wire ( dipsey) how much would it hold approx. ? Power pro 20 would be the backing . Any suggestions / input would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Wes , i remember smiling Wes . I'm still on the look out for a red spinny . May need to change name to " BENS FAVORITE"
  8. First of all it rips my heart apart that a such young man of this caliper has been taken away for us. Ben had a passion for fishing that i was lucky enough to see and feel first hand. Ben his dad Wes and I have shared many trips together on Cayuga and Ontario. Ben's passion would show when anyone talked to him or when someone needed help ,advise, information, lures , depth, location or whatever was needed including a ride on the his boat to help a fellow fisherman newbie or veteran . That was BEN . I'd like to share a couple memories that are close to me. It would always bring a smile to my face when he would say "Oh Father " to Wes. The three of us were on lake O and after a long day with fish in the box and the sun going down I asked the guys if they wanted to call it quits and head back to port or stay out a little longer and that it didn't matter to me it was up to them. At that point Wes's head jerk around toward me and said Ralph don't give him that option we'll be here all night. Ben would work all kinds of hrs. and different shifts at work with CF and then go fishing whenever he had the chance . That was BEN. Anyone that knew or just met him would realize real quick that he was someone that was respected, well liked, helpful , a true sportsman, a good friend and a great son. Wes / Brenda our hearts go out to you. This is a concern i have for the big guy when and if i make it to the pearly gates. No parent should have to say goodbye to their sons or daughters . Anything i can do to help established an event or Memorial in BEN's name be it : time, use of boat, equipment, money or whatever please let us know.
  9. Double uni knot worked great . I have more faith in this connection than a swivel. Angling Addict Thanks for the help
  10. Can I help the flea problem by putting an in line swivel connected to 100-130 feet 50 lb big game then back to my normal 30 lb. These poles will be for riggers only. Any other suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
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