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    18 ft Lund
  1. Just had this happen, we bailed for a better day
  2. I wasn't sure which to get also. I bought 1 scotty and 1 big jon, scotty has had no problems but the big jon has given me a back lash a couple of times that was no fun to straighten out
  3. I hate Tipping and also think that the mate should be paid by the captain. But because he generally isn't , if the mate is good , regardless of how well we did , I tip 15% , if he is very good 20%.
  4. I have 2 inlines, I have to manually extract the 209 primer from each. There is a tool for the job, came with them both.but I usually just use a finger nail
  5. Maybe tilt your transducer a little to get your weights to show on the screen
  6. Hello, I'm a rookie from South East Pa, caught the bug and am ready to go, just been too much wind to make the trek hauling a boat so far. I have an 18 ft lund couple of down riggers , a scotty and big Jon, no wire line or planers yet, may get them next time I go up. Tight lines
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