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  1. thanks for all the responses. I have a plan as of now for a river fish one day, then lake the next. Should that fall through, I will look into your offers. I am really excited to see what lake ontario and it's tributaries offer.
  2. Hey guys, I am from NJ. I am staying at the roxy hotel this week in cape vincent. I love fishing, and do mostly freshwater in NJ. Some of you might know me from the NyBass forum. I was hoping to do some salmon fishing this week, and was going to look at a charter. I am probably going to go for a 6 hour one, and was wondering which on you recommend. I have about $500 to spend, and since this is my first and likely my last fishing charter for a while, I would really hope not get skunked. I am also hoping to do some bass fishing. I am not going to ask for anyone's "spot," but any general open public fishing locations would be appreciated. Tight lines. Paolo
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