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  1. I'm somewhat biased being a full time guide, but Bay of Quinte is a world class fishery especially in late fall! Year after year it offers up monster trophy walleye. Good luck in wherever you decide to go. Tightlines! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Ok here's the deal I never once asked for every penny I have I to this thing back. Most think it's overpriced but you are hardly comparing apples to apples. I hardly think a 221 inboard outboard with no rigging and no warranty on the heart of the boat is a fair comparison! We can debate this all day long. If someone doesn't want all the rigging then let's talk ... If someone wants a boat setup this way it's very fair Motor has four yrs of warranty left! Maybe it will sell maybe it won't.
  3. I never once said this was an investment... In fact I have many more dollars into this boat than my asking price ... For the last time I'm simply asking a dollar amount that reflects the quality of the way this boat is rigged.... In a Canadian market. Perhaps our American brothers and sisters have a much better used market to buy from however it's simply not that way here in Canada.... And finally I'm still not convinced that you can put this same boat on the water on either side of the border for much less... Not that this thread has any chance of selling now anyway but if someone is interested I'm willing to talk. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. OK I get it this seems high for many people south of the border... I think theres a few factors that most are not considering... exchange rate between cdn and usd being the biggest difference. However I have to say I'm not understanding some of the values people are placing on things... I started to think maybe I was high so I took some time to look around on Craigslist and see what I could build this boat for if I had to do it over again... the boat itself I had a terribly hard time finding! lots of older islanders with outboards hung off the transom, but only two that had GIL brackets extended beyond the boat. one was selling for 10 k and one for 12 k now assuming they dont get anywhere near that and they get 9 k for those boats which in my mind is not out of line. Then we have the engine... most of those boats are sold with mid 90's 135 hp mercs so assuming you can sell that for 1500, I found several used 150 etecs with warranty selling for around 9500-11 k, some cheaper with higher hrs no warranty etc but i'm trying to compare apples to apples here... I'm guessing 9 k would buy one of those etecs with warranty but im willing to even say 8 k so with the 1500 diff you would get for punting the old merc you would have 15,500 invested this far adding a kicker Lots of used honda's all around the 900-1000 mark and the tr1 gold I was able to find one used one listed for 1100 ... willing to call that pkg at 2000 by the time you pay shipping on items from various parts of the country. subtotal 17500 Seastar hydraulic steering upgrade 1200 approx from west marine willing to bet you find for 1000 somewhere so now we're at 18500 electronics ... assuming we're buying used hds 8- 700, sonar hub 600, radar 700, sonic hub 200 misc network pieces.. 250 total 2450.00 subtotal 20,950.00 downriggers scotty 2106 1000.00 ==21,950 great lakes planers rocket launcher... used 850.0 == 22,800 other rigging berts strips, upgraded wiring, auto trim tabs, upgraded fuse panels and switches1200.00+++, assuming you do all the labor yourself with all this added up we're at a grand total of 24,000 usd which converts to just under 26,000 canadian dollars! I am not naive to think there's a lot of people that are gonna want this exact same setup and I realize I may have to adjust pricing and maybe remove a piece or two here and there ... but I also think there is a market for a fully rigged turn key rig and if you consider everything that's been done and is included I'm not that far off the mark here! Especially as some of the others have said these boats are ultra rare north of the border. has no one here ever priced an item slightly higher then what they feel its worth in order to leave haggle room? If someone is looking for an outboard islander with warranty on their motor and lots of toys without having to work on the boat every weekend then this is not out of line IMO
  5. John... Max hp is 150 hp. I guarantee this boat is not underpowered! It comes out of hole with 0 issues and will top out at 47 mph on GPS with a full load of gear and gas and four guys.
  6. I started my walleye season this year with the addition of smart troll to the boat, the first few trips out I had a tough time dialling in the probes with the use if my kicker. Darrel impressed the hell outta me!!! He would call periodically to see how the system was working and offering me advice on what to do to make it better. One morning a few weeks ago I woke up to an email that said there was an update to the app, I downloaded it and tried it out a few days later.... The results were like night and day! Probes were reading instantly and I had all the confidence in the world back in my decision to move to smart troll. I've since ordered more probes and I'm using it every time out. The interference with kicker engine seems to be rectified.. I run a 8hp Honda and against the wind on three different trips my kicker is revving in excess of 1500 rpm. I adjust my "floor" setting slightly and the probes are bang on! I've run the probes off dipsys, riggers, off shore tackle planer boards with crank baits ( 150 ft from probe/bait) to the board and then another 160 feet from board to the boat. No issues reading the info at all! I've caught fish with the probe two feet in front of the baits as well. The product is great and the owner is even better! Customer service A1!!!
  7. This boat was orig licensed in Michigan and still has a Michigan title ... Because Canada just issues a new Canadian title and leaves me with the USA version! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. This is my last attempt to explain my value process A 95 220v islander with an old outboard seems to go for the 12 k mark Used Etec with warranty used in Canada goes for around 10 ish Honda kicker with ap used value approx 3000 Bert's rod holders retail 1000 Rocket launcher retail 1500 Hds and radar and networking electronics 4000 plus new All new wiring bilge pumps batteries breaker panel 600 plus Down riggers 800 used Plus more I'm not blind I realize to sell a boat this rigged is gonna be difficult because there are cheaper alternatives out there but if someone wants an islander that's fully rigged with quality gear and they don't wanna have to put the rigging time in themselves and actually fish it then someone will make an offer! And if not i'll keep it and keep smiling! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Ya we're not just in diff countries we're on diff planets! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. So what do you think it's worth? Make an offer Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. This one? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. This one? Were not even playing in the same league... My engine has 80 hrs on it and 4 full yrs warranty on it. Kicker with a tr1 gold autopilot. I have a Gil bracket which makes more fishable room in boat. The differences are so far and away it's not even funny. My Electronics are worth more than your boat. Sorry but before you crap on my thread make sure we're playing the same game! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. What's the details on your islander for 4000? With an outboard lets see some pics? This post is already blown to crap so let's debate who's is better or bigger as the case may be...
  14. Lol! What do you wanna strip off of it? To get the price down? The boats equipped with pretty much everything you need and not cheap crap! Find me another outboard islander rigged the way this boat is for cheaper... If someone wants it without the bells and whistles I'm willing to listen! Also keep on mind the Canadian used boat market is a Lil stronger than the USA. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. 29,000 canadian dollars you won't have to add a thing to this boat! its fish ready and rigged extremely well!
  16. As tempting as your super generous offer is I'll pass. Thx tho!
  17. Some more pics Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Call Darrell. Best customer service I've experienced! 1 (443) 262-1269 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. I'm looking at upgrading to a bigger boat for my charter business so I have decided to test the waters on my current boat. I am the second owner and have used it for one yr! The boat has no issues and has many upgrades. When I bought the boat I added a complete new blue sea switch panel at the helm for bilge etc. Here's a complete rundown of add ons and features. 22' Starcraft islander cuddy with factory outboard bracket 2012 150 hp evinrude etec (80 hours) with warranty until July 2018 Sea star hydraulic steering Blue sea electrical panel and fuse center (new power and ground wires as well) A-B battery switch with two batteries (new last yr) 2000 watt invertor 2009 honda 8 hp high thrust kicker with garmin tr1 gold autopilot Great Lakes planers rocket launcher with plenty of rod storage. Also have the planer board reels to add on 6 Bert's tackle adjustable ratcheting rod holders Lowrance hds 8 with LOWRANCE sonic hub system full nmea 2000 setup with connection to the etec for full engine gauge readout. Soanr hub with lss2 structure scan transducer. Furuno radar New LED spreader lights for the deck Led red interior lighting for night fishing Compass Trim tabs with auto levelling. New drop curtain to close off back New live well and bilge pumps. Tandem axle trailer with brand new led lighting all the way around. And probably more I forgot about. This boat fishes extremely well and is easily hauled back and forth from the ramp. Asking 29,000 Canadian
  20. Loved the 8 haven't used the 12 in real life situation yet. I have another 8 on the boat as well. I had a 10 before and like the 8 better than the 10. I'm open to offers. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. did some checking... Cabelas, bass pro and gander are all 1299 usd canadian companies are selling for 1400 cdn plus tax 1299 usd converts to 1457 cdn and 1200 cdn converts to 1050 usd and it is or best offer for a unit that was new in june 2013
  22. Upgraded to a gen 2 touch so I'm selling a one yr old hds 8 gen 2 Includes power cable Ducer Orig box and manuals Item located in belleville ontario but i will ship Asking 1200.00 cdn obo
  23. Furuno Radar model 1623 includes dome and monitor and all cables. unit is 3.5 yrs old works perfectly asking 1000.00 obo
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