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  1. Looking for cabin rental for next year . Looks to rent a place around Oswego area next Aug . Anyone have any suggestions . Thanks
  2. I was thinking the same thing. That could be a mess.
  3. doubledup

    Mexico Bay

    Wow . There getting dark already . Nice fish!!!
  4. Question for you guys . Usually Fish the area second week of September out there . Using flasher fly and spin doctor fly and j plugs . Just wondering if any of you still use spoon that late in year.
  5. Just wondering how fishing been out there. Headed out that way August 1st . Thanks for any info.
  6. I was looking for some input on some late summer fishing . Pretty much which you think is better Oswego or Salmon river area .
  7. doubledup

    Line counter reels

    IM using connectors (2) and mags (4) all six I bought them used and haven't had any problem with them . Price on all okmua aren't bad. Thanks for all input
  8. doubledup

    Line counter reels

    Looking for reviews on some line counter reels. I use Okuma 30 series now and had pretty good luck with them. But thought about upgrading .
  9. doubledup

    Late fall walleye

    Best place to launch in Quinte Bay Area . I take it just running large stick baits. Thx for all input
  10. doubledup

    Late fall walleye

    Planning one more trip for the fall . I live in Albany ny area. We fish Lake Ontario a lot for salmon . Was thinking Lake Erie or Oneida lake for some walleyes . Anyone recommend one or the other . Thanks for any info
  11. doubledup

    port ontario 9/10

    Wondering what color flashers you using . We did good also . We were using 11" white pro troll and white/ green hammer fly . We went 7 for 9 . The we lost were skippys .
  12. Any reports . Headed out that way Thursday nite.
  13. doubledup

    Mexico bay

    Just came off lake. Not nice. 4 to 6 rollers an a good chop . Not nice.