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  1. Hi Ed, boat and the fish look great. Been crazy in MA. and life got in the way of important stuff FRIENDS andFISHING! Will reach out to you. Labrador 4 now Labrador 2 Mike
  2. As usual Ed. Your fried laker lunch looked darn good. Keep up the good work. Your are makin me hungry for a really good surf and turf dinner like we made last season. Lab 4
  3. Hi Ed, Glad to see you back at it. As you know it had been tough here. Working just as hard after work as at work. Hope to wet a line this year if all goes well. Mike
  4. Hey Bucky, nice to see you all holding some fish. My cuz and I where up at Catfish and fished aug 28th and 29th. Tough two days we went 3 for 5 with Wally. Nice fish though, 26lb, 24lb and a 22lb. Water was really warm, saw a lot of fish on graph then none. All fish came on dipsy, on starboard side. Did not move a rod on the riggers. Keep up the great work, great pics. Labrador 4. (A blast from the past)
  5. Well Ed, glad to see that King has enough sense to tell you when to call it a day. Glad to see you are back out on the water. Oh the brown grilled up real nice with crabmeat stuffing , washed it all down with an A & W root beer. Keep up the good work King, keep finding those fish for Ed. Good luck and keep your lines tight.
  6. Ed, the step idea is a good one. Extra storage is always a plus, but safety is a must. Carol would love the step. Is starcraft possibly making that storage box/step as a retro fit for existing owners? The one that J.D. made looks awesome and serves dual purpose.
  7. Hi Ed , Made it home at 6:30 pm, could not have been a better trip. Sorry to say only hot dogs for dinner tonight, should have packed some of those great beans to go with............. Thanks again, love the dinner posts lol Mike
  8. WTG nice looking fish, I am seeing a trend with King though...... I am thinking he has the right idea....... Hate to say it but Carol caught the bigger fish.... Lol great going keep up the good work.
  9. He's the man, knows just what to do after a hard day of fishin'
  10. Way to go Ed . Nice looking pic ,great looking fish and back ground shot. Now you are primed to give them he%&. Next thing you know NK mags in black and purple will work. Never what they want or when they will take it.
  11. Good to hear you got out on the water. Great Kinger loves the dock to access the boat, he is the man. Sorry to hear about a non-release day on the water. In my case a bad day of fishing still beats a good day at work. Hope you and Carol enjoyed being out on the water. I'll try to put some dates out to you to hook up for a troll or two. Most likely in July if that will work with your schedule. Well Ed keep giving them the what for, and it will all fall in place. Mike aka Lab 4
  12. Glad to hear that you got the roof on Ed. Pics look great. Nothing but the best for Kinger. He is the fish finding secret weapon. Now just add fish and all will be right in the fishing world. Will touch base with some new dates soon. Keep the lines wet and tight and the net ready.
  13. Ed, yup was going to try to come out and wet a line or two with you and King. I still think he is the secret weapon.... Been following the info for Seneca and Ontario. Haven't even wet a line here. It is a terrible thing...... Heading to FL, to visit family, was going to try for snook again. Mike
  14. Sure beats a good day at work..... Nice fish ,good color.....
  15. Hey Bucky, nice looking fish. Glad to see you are back in action on the big water. Hope winter went well. Going to try to hook up with Rabbit to try Seneca again. I am sure missing my boat. Great hearing about all of you fishing adventures. Take care and be safe out there. Mike "Labrador 4"
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