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  1. I am looking to buy some apex hot spot lures but cannot find a site that has 3" in the colors I'm looking for. The Apex site lists several sizes with all colors but I'm only able to find a very limited selection on other sites. I do not see where you can buy from the Apex site. Any info would be appreciated.
  2. 200 feet Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  3. That's the great thing about The United States.....people can shop where they choose! As for clothing they have as much Under Armor and Columbia as Field and Stream. By the way I enjoy the small stores (HVS) as much as anybody but those that shop at F&S are not wrong for it.
  4. Sorry not very good at this. Sent from my SM-G730V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Fished both days with my good friends Nick Overaker (Reel Stories) and Joe Solometo (Keep'n it Reel). We fished both days on Reel Sories out of Watkins and it was a slam fest. Saturday we boated well over 20 fish with lots of doubles and some triples, all quaility fish with most beiing hogs, many over 9lbs. a couple in the teens, mostly lakers but a couple nice salmon and rainbows. Sunday was a repeat of Saturday....maybe not quite as many boated but again Big Fish, a salmon weighed over 9 lbs with a bunch of lakers as big and bigger. Again we caught everything but the Brown. These two fellas fish like well oiled machines.....fun to watch and they have a lot of fun doing it. Best of all....they make me laugh! How could one spend a better weekend? Thanks you two.
  6. dang another mouth that doesn't know me running at the spout... hell you have the easy part over running your mouth and since you say fellows my age you must still be suckling a boob .... therefore I guess you know the ones accused personally or their families because I know both but thanks for you vast knowledge little fellow This is a PM sent to me from ol POKEPOLE. I don't have to know you to see you were accusing these men of cheating but later said you like to ruff feathers and it was only a what if. My point being GROW UP...act your age. I don't know any of those you speak of, or their families and it's very possible I'm older than you.
  7. What if what?? Seems to me you accused these fellas of breaking the rules (cheating), period!! For someone who speaks of his age and experience (proclaiming to be an accomplished fisherman yourself) the way you have in previous posts, I would think you would act more mature and have more class. Is this truely how a man of your age gets his kicks?
  8. They say 10% of the fisherman catch 90% of the fish caught. What percentile are you in?
  9. Thanks all....great people on the LOU
  10. I fish the finger lakes....any help from the south? Keep'n it Reel?
  11. Where can I purchase peanuts to pull behind greasetraps or cowbells? Any help appreciated.
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