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  1. flytyer

    irondequit bay

    Anybody having any luck in the bay? Figuired I'd take the wife for a boat ride sun. Might as well drown some worms while we're out. thanks.
  2. thank you mudflat for the one constructive post I checked plugs since this little motor don't have pts & condenser they were FOULED! I ran it in a barrel & ran great. It came with the 12 ft.boat plans my father built as a kid in 1950 by hand. Some of the brightwork he found snorlking in the lake with a crowbar prying off parts from whiskey runners. When he passed away I wanted pass it down to the grandkids....Marine corps motto "adapt and overcome!"
  3. just a drop or two on your arms neck and legs (if your wearing shorts). Its the extract of wormwood that that the little bastards don't like. I use in woods NEVER a bite If fishing use disposeable rubber gloves as the fish will smell it
  4. I have a sea bee o/b 2stroke that runs well for awhile but tends to sputter and want to die. carb. has been reworked and cleaned,filter clear. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
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