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  1. I've been cleaning birds since I was 7 years old. The old man made me pluck, skin, gut and singe all of his catch. As a child it sucked! So I've found some great process and will share. First of all, head shoot the birds. No one wants to clean a destroyed bird. Not worth it. Plucking them is not worth it either. I can give you a hint on that if you like. Breast them out and prep however you like. Cut the legs out and cook confit (google the process}. Don't waste the leg meat, it's awesome. I'll continue if you're interested. Good luck! AAA
  2. My password is not working why?

  3. I did some research and found that all Mercs below 30 hp are manufactured by Tohatsu. My thinking was if it's good enough for Mercury, it's good enough for me. Good luck!
  4. onlineoutboards.com Cumberland Tennesee. Smokin hot deals. I just bought a Tohatsu 9.9 and love it!
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