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  1. Beautiful Northern. Don't be disccouraged....It has been a tough muskie fishing economy on the river the last few years. To Old Man's point, 40 hours per fish right now is not at all uncommon. Sometimes more. It keeps you coming back though......Nothing like the sound of the clacker shredding line. Good luck!
  2. Heartbreaker!! I think you remember the fish that were lost more than those that were landed. They haunt you! Well done. Keep pounding the bone yard. As you know, its a numbers game. Good luck!
  3. Thats a keeper! What a blessing. Good times ahead! Best wishes and good health to you and your family.
  4. Muskie hunting is an absolutely addicting sport. Be patient. In this muskie fishing economy, the top 3% of anglers are averaging a fish every 35-40 hrs. This is frustrating considering 10 years ago the average was a fish every 12-15hrs. The dynamics are changing a bit but thats what makes muskie hunting fun. Also, this years DEC sampling indicates improved population densities which should improve fishing in coming years. Keep at it and good luck!!!!
  5. Anyone have any insight on the eye fishing in chaumont bay? Have hooked up here and there but slow going.... Any help appreciated!!!! Keep your lines tight.
  6. Caught a 6 lb smallie on an 8" reef runner while trolling choumont 10-2. Gl
  7. 42" Northern is just a beautiful fish. 20 lbs of awesome on walleye tackle! Well done!!!
  8. Hi there. Interested in boat if available still. Please email me some additional photos and contact info. Thanks! [email protected]
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