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  1. Blank for sale. Sage gsh brown blank 10'6 line rated 4-6 lb. probably one of the best centerpin blanks ever and next to impossible to find. $250 usd firm no trades or negotiating. Pm me if interested
  2. Do you still have this reel for sale?
  3. LarryC

    For Sale : USA G Loomis

    I'm from the Canadian side of the lake ont. can you email me the specs to [email protected] please or ill have to call you from home tomorrow.
  4. LarryC

    For Sale : USA G Loomis

    Is this rod still for sale? Also what is the model number on the rod. Should be just after the cork on blank. Larry
  5. LarryC

    9-29 Otisco walleye blitz!

    This is a great thread! I am all about catch and release, unless the fish is injured or won't be successfully released. Ill generally keep one fish for the BBQ a year. I used to keep fish I caught but realized that after a day of fishing I was exhausted and didn't want to clean and cook it. It would end up in the freezer, then the garbage. Every fisher person has the right to keep within their legal limit, and its nobody else's business. If the conservation authority thought a certain lake or stream was being harvested too much then they would imply new catch and possession limits. So me being a 99% of the time C&R guy, I have no problem with the OP and all the walleye he kept. Nice pics by the way, looked like a great day! If you want to complain about over harvesting, then complain about the Indians and dip netting, not some guy keeping his legal limit.
  6. LarryC

    Line weight

    When fishing in the river, 10lb line is even too heavy. I run either a 10'6 rod or a 14' with an 8lb main line and 5lb Fluor leader. If fish are spooky ill drop to 4 or even 3 if I have to. The purpose of a longer rod is to absorb the shock in your line, which allows you run lighter line. Investing in the right gear will definitely help you achieve more hookups. If you tried to run light line on a shorter rod you will be breaking off all day.