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  1. Dear Tank, Is boat still available? Thanks, Mike
  2. Thanks Let me know if sale falls through and still available.
  3. Good Morning, Is this boat still available? MC
  4. Moose315

    Sold / Closed Grady White 24 Offshore

    Does it have a trailer?
  5. I like boat, price is over my limit... Have any pics of stern, details of engine(s), fishing gear included, etc..?
  6. Looking for good troller + trailer with room to take on family trips as well. Can fit up to 9' beam in hoist. Under $26,000. Have 1998 26'6" Crownline BR, (seats 12, 300 hp) in great shape for sale/trade if interested(no trailer). I am on Seneca.
  7. Dear Tank, I am interested. Mike C, [email protected] Please put me on list. Thanks, Mike
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