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  1. Deerman, I agree with you wholeheartedly.I hunt in pa. where we've had antler restrictions for 10 years.I belong to a camp who relishes venison, we make our own sausage and process our own meat. Since the restrictions came along, our kill rate has decreased considerably to the point where last year we harvested 2 bucks between 10 guys, we could care less about big racks.We want to put meat through the grinder. Big racks feed big egos, small racks feed families!
  2. I have had the privelage of hunting the same 300 acres in NEPA for the last 40 years. The rules at our camp are very simple, hunt hard from dawn to dusk on the first two days of the season and then be prepared to be at the butchering table making sausage for the next two days. Harvest what is legal and contribute to the pot if able. The beauty of our set up is whether you are successful or not, the meat is weighed out and everyone brings home exactly the same amount. We welcome young people into our camp whenever possible. We give them choice of the best stands and the old timers do everything possible to try to put a legal deer in front of them.we have been able to stay together (8 guys) for all this time and hope we can continue to be stewards of the land for another forty.
  3. The most effective way to fish that spoon imo is a jerk and retrieve motion. Many times the hits will occur as the lure is dropping which calls for a tight line at all times. A steady , constant retrieve has never worked for me
  4. I would definitely suggest you leave the original swivels on. Back in the day when the Fitzpatrick plant was spewing warm water into the lake at Nine Mile in oswego, we would wade the lake or climb up on the dike in front of the plant from November through March and chuck 1/2 ounce krocodiles. Those spoons accounted for more Browns and steelhead than you could imagine. Great lure if worked properly. Then came 911 and everyone's life changed. What a shame-- that fishing will never be matched again!
  5. I had the unfortunate experience of having my garage broken into last year and also lost thousand of dollars worth of equipment. I have an insurance policy with replacement costs built in. The insurance company asked me to itemize the value. I came up with an estimated value of 11.000.00 dollars. There were two tackle boxes stuffed with antique lures my grandfather left me, many dating back to the 1930s. How does one put a value on something like that? Well to make a long story longer, the insurance company depreciated the values of everything down to 3000.00 dollars and told me that if I replaced anything to send them a receipt and they would reimburse me. Much of what was stolen was extra or not needed so much of it went un replaced. I took a major hit and am slowly rebuilding my collection although most of it is irreplacable. I'm sorry this happened to you- what a sense of violation you must feel. It amazes me that there are those out there who don't think twice about how their actions affect others and simply don't seem to care. Very sad-----
  6. Mad perry you are absolutely right. After seeing someone get so violently Ill,I have a new respect for those who suffer from motion sickness. My experience to this point has been watching others (thank goodness) yet it appears once you are past the queasy stage and into the vomiting, it's too late. You simply have to let nature run it's courses .you're right, it's an awful curse.
  7. Went on a private charter out of Long Beach Island for a 36 hour tuna trip last September. Six guys on board plus the captain and a first mate. Headed out to the Hudson canyon which is about 85 nautical miles off shore. As soon as we broke through the Barnegate inlet and out in the open water my good friend started heaving in spite of the fact that he was wearing a scopalomine patch behind his ear. The captain was less than sympathetic and said "he's going to have a long trip ahead of him"never even asked if we wanted to bring him in. The poor guy was so sick that he never once got out of his bunk the entire trip.We made it out to the tuna grounds in five hours, fished for 24 hrs. and then steamed back to the barn for another five hours.When we got back to shore, we literally had to carry him off the boat and drive him back to pa. He said it took him four full days to recover his strength. The rest of us felt so badly for him that we actually pitched in together and paid his share of the fare which totaled close to 800.00 dollars. Needless to say, the poor slob never went offshore again
  8. We never ventured outside the 240 line but did spend a considerable amount of time out there. The best show we had was in the 130 to 160 zone. Glad to hear that you guys went far off shore were able to get into some fish. You deserve to be rewarded after a run like that.
  9. Just got back from four tough days fishing out of Cobourg. Temps on the surface varied from a low of 63 to a high of 74 and everything in between. Temp a steady 39 down 60. Best water down 30 to 40 feet. Tons of bait and some hooks but few takers. In four days of trolling, we managed 2 shakers, 3 small rainbows and 1 teenage king. The fish simply aren't there. Reports out of Port Hope very similar. Our king was the only one caught in the marina. Better days are coming! Be back out next week.
  10. The key for me with cheaters is to keep the leader short. I generally run 3 to 4 feet of leader material attached to a relatively large swivel for easy opening and closing. Set your balls at the desired depth and while the rod is loaded simply attach the swivel to your main line and heave it out the back of the boat. It will slide down to the arc or bow in the main line and add another column of water to be fished. When hooked up with a fish on the main line,the cheater will slide down to the main swivel and not cause any problems. A very simple way to add to your chances of hooking up.
  11. Where exactly are you going? There is plenty to do along the Jersey coast but as with most fishing location means everything.
  12. Why is it that we tip the girl at Duncan Donuts but don't tip the girl at Mcdonalds who hands your food out the window the same as the girl who hands you your coffee? Also, if you go to Walmart and get exemplary service from the guy in electronics who helps you pick out your new flat screen should you tip him as well? Just asking -----
  13. I fish tuna once a year on a charter out of Long Beach Island N.J. It is an extremely expensive trip(3600.00) for an overnight trolling/ chunking. The captain makes it very clear that his mate does not get a paycheck and suggests that he be 'tipped' 20% of the fare. do the math, the 3600.00 trip really costs 4320.00! I resent having to pay for his laborers. In this situation, the mate is making 720.00 for 36 hours of work, ten of which are spent sleeping on the way out and back in. Granted were going 100 miles out in the ocean but come on. I think the captain should pay his help a fair share and not depend on the clients to pay his salary.
  14. I have been fishing the Canadian side for 20 plus years out of Port Hope targeting mainly kings and steelhead. We mainly fish this port in early July through the middle of August. At that time of the year, most of the fishing is relatively close to shore. Out of Port Hope, one only has to go out one mile or two to hit 85 to 100 feet of water so if you pick your day your small boat will be just fine. We mainly run riggers with spoons and if the temperature is right we will run stick baits such as bombers or rap alas off flat lines for steelhead which may be higher in the water column. If the water is too warm for surface activity, we stack spoons on our riggers to cover more of the water column. As the summer progresses, this area becomes more of an off shore fishery. We have never targeted lakers but have caught a few over the years. We have never caught a coho on that side but the steelhead and king fishing can be wonderful. port hope is approximately 65 miles east of Toronto. Hope this helps. There are also other ways to catch these fish running lead core or copper but we like the sport of light rods . We seem to catch as many fish as those running the heavy stuff.
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