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  1. Does the price include the down riggers and trailer? Beautiful machine-- appears to be very well kept.
  2. I have been crossing the border twice a year for the past 25 years to salmon fish in Cobourg. We pull our own boat so they know we are fishermen. We were pulled over and checked one time during that time span.. We were all separated into different rooms and questioned for about 10 minutes. When we returned to our vehicle, it was obvious that it was gone through but not a big mess as some of you have described. We each buy a conservation license and bring one king each home for the smoker. Never has anyone asked to see our fish even though they generally ask if we have any to which we reply honestly. As someone previously stated, it must be the luck of the draw.
  3. That's a good point jimski. He "offered" to sell me a 2013 Sazuki 20 HP 4 Stroke with low hours on it for 3700.00. When I asked him about a warranty, he said there would be no warranty since the original warranty expired. I told him that if I were to spend 3700 for a used motor, I would sooner spend 4500 and buy new. He wasn't real pleased but said he understood my thinking. When I buy new, it won't be from him.
  4. The problem occurred in the fall of last year. I used the boat on a Saturday, parked it in the slip and went back on the following Tuesday. It ran great on Saturday, wouldn't start on tuesday .The temp was in the 50"s and low 60"s. I Freezing should not have been an issue--. The dealer had it all winter and it's now time to get the boat ready and I'm dealing with the issue at hand.
  5. Thank you choked up. I appreciate the thoughts--
  6. Hard Knox that a a great point.The engine was meticulously cared for to factory specs. I perfectly understand that things don't last forever, my problem is that Honda won't even acknowledge that I'm having a problem.Im not looking for the company to do anything more than steer me in the right direction. The frustrating thing in all of this is that all of the electronics on the engine work flawlessly. The electronic ignition, the power trim, ect. All are great, however they're rendered useless since the engine won't run. The dealer offered me 500.00 for the engine. I know the electronics are worth much more than that. Simply looking for direction from Honda which at this point has been fruitless
  7. Having problems, not hoping. Darn auto correct!
  8. Problems with Honda I am hoping problems with my 2009 Honda 30 hp. four stroke. Brought it to the dealer, spent 350.00 to rebuild the carbs at his suggestion,only to have him tell me when he was done that there is an internal crack in the block and even if he were to tear the motor down completely he probably wouldn't be able to fix it. The motor has less than 500 hours on it. I wrote to Honda, explained my situation and enclosed the diagnostics from the dealer along with the receipt for the work done. Honda has not even had the courtesy to respond to my inquiry. Nothing, not a word-- I will think twice before purchasing another Honda product if this is how they treat their customers. Any suggestions??
  9. IN my professional life I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Pa. I work closely with clients who have suffered loss such as yours. One of my favorite quotes is from Elizabeth Kubler Ross who was a pioneer in the treatment of death and dying patients as well as those who have suffered close personal loss. I hope this helps to put your loss into perspective. "The reality is you will grieve for ever. You will not "get over" the loss of a loved one; you will learn to live with it. You will heal and you will rebuild yourself around the loss you have suffered. You will be whole again but you will never be the same again. Nor should you be the same, nor should you want to be" Be strong.. You are in my thoughts----
  10. You can get an international plan from Verizon for the time you are there for a fee of about 25.00 per line. The other suggestion I have is turn your data off as soon as you cross the border or you will get nailed with huge data related charges. If you're not on wifi at your camp, the data charges will accrue quickly
  11. Hit the river yesterday with a friend 10 miles north of the Delaware Water Gap. Caught numerous post spawn shad and some small mouths. What was interesting however were the numerous fish we saw finning in the slack water along a current break which turned out to be small stripers of 8 or 9 inches. They were very hungry and hit anything we dragged past them. Obviously they were not this years hatch but having caught only mature stripers this far above the bay in previous years, I was intrigued that these little guys would be that far up the river. Any thoughts as to why they may have been there?
  12. Let's not forget that Wrights Landing was built with tax payer dollars and was free to the public in the early years. Slowly but surely the greed monster reared its ugly head and now the launch is a money maker for the town. The fishermen are inevitably the ones who take it on the chin every time.
  13. I have three of the Cabelas inflatables which I love. The only problem I ever had was one really hot day I had one deploy while it was stowed in the hold of the boat. Other than that, I have used them in the rain with no issues. One word of caution however, last year I was checked by the Coast Guard and was asked to produce an extra cartridge for each of the jackets. When I told the Coastie I didn't have any, he responded by telling me I would be out of compliance if one were to deploy and I couldn't recharge it while out on the water. Luckily I had regular jackets on board which met the requirements and I didn't get written up. I was able to get mine on sale for $119.00each when they went on sale.
  14. Do any of you guys remember fishing 9 mile plant in Oswego back when the Fitzpatrick plant was spewing all that warm water in the lake? All winter long we would wade the shore and even climb up on the dike and fling 1/2 ounce crocs or cleos at Browns, steelhead and cohos. I don't recall ever catching a king but man we caught everything else. Those were the days!! They even let us sleep in the visitors parking lot. Try that today and see what happens. I agree----- damn terrorists!!
  15. These are commonly known as Slinky"s. Very popular for bottom bouncing in the rivers. They generally have a small snap swivel at the top through the parachute chord which attaches to the main line. Because of their shape and ability to bend, hang ups are greatly reduced. I still use them, make my own which allows for different sizes depending on water conditions. Hope this helps!!!
  16. Todd We generally fish out of Long Beach Island NJ. The tuna grounds are anywhere from 85 to 130 nautical miles off shore depending on which of the canyons you run to. We also catch the Mahi, an occasional wahoo and have wrestled with some big sharks as well. These are usually 36 hour trips which raises the prices considerably.
  17. As I have stated previously on this forum on different posts, in the world of salt water charters, there is a standard 20% tip added to each charter for the mate. The captains display a placard on board which states "mates work solely for tips, they do not earn a salary". If you want to fish with a salt water charter, be prepared to shell out another 20%. That's a size able tip when you go on an off shore tuna trip which runs 3600 to 4000 dollars to begin with. Add another 7 or 8 hundred before you even leave the dock. They all do it. No choice. Good service or not. It's all part of the deal..
  18. I do a lot of off shore salt water fishing for tuna and wahoo. The trips are very expensive. A 24 hour tuna trip to the canyons runs 3600.00 on average. All of the boats we sail with require a 20% tip of the cost of the trip for the mate as the captains pay them nothing. That comes to a tip of 720.00 for the mate for his time prior to the boat sailing as well as the cleaning of fish and cleaning of the boat once back at the dock. The mates average 30 hours of work for a 24 hour trip. If you do the math, they are making 24.00 an hour while the captain keeps the full fare.The 3600.00 trip really costs 4320.00 no matter how you slice it. In my opinion, 20% on a Lake Ontario trip sounds fair.
  19. Fished hard for the better part of 5 days when the weather allowed. Caught a combination of pretty much everything, shakers to 25 pounders and everything in between. Had a nice Atlantic as well. Rainbows were scarce but those we caught were all nice. Most matures came on dipsies with green flasher/flies on copper. Spoon bites early am with Puke and mongoose being the top producers. Biggest fish of the trip came on an orange puke down the chute on 300 feet of copper. Surface temps ranged from inside 69 to 62.5 in 200 feet. Rigger hits came from 75 to 90 down over 150 to 220. Overall a pretty productive trip with good conditions and decent fishing.
  20. Why does a man have a HERnia and a woman a Hysterectomy?
  21. Bsmaster, PM me and I can give you some good info regarding canyon trips for tuna, mahi,wahoo and an occasional sword. We spend a lot of time out there. [email protected]
  22. I bought a marcum showdown four years ago. Great definition without all of the flashing lights which make me dizzy! Tremendous battery life and extremely user friendly. Wouldn't go on the ice without it, especially when targeting suspended crappies in fifty or more feet of water. Works like a charm and is very easy to operate and read.
  23. That's interesting about signing your doe tags over. I'm glad you clarified that for me. In Pa that would be a major infraction and would get you a quick appointment with the Game Commission! I'm all for filling the freezer since the camp I belong to are a bunch of meat hunters as well. It sounds like you're doing it right, maybe the next time you're out they'll be dancing all around you! Let's hope--
  24. Sea-iv Two things pop into my head as I read your posts. A) I don't know about New York but in Pa it is illegal to use cell phones or walkie talkies to assist in a big game hunt. B) the fact that you wish your grandfather would stay in the cabin and let us "fill his tags" speaks to a lack of concern for the rules. If every camp adopted this attitude there would be no deer to hunt and we wouldn't be having this conversation. Maybe your lack of deer has something to do with over harvesting in years past. If everyone plays by the same rules, everyone has an equal chance to fill their own tags. Good luck and be safe!
  25. About 10 years ago I was hunting state game lands in Susquehanna county in pa. It was the first day of rifle season, cars parked everywhere and what appeared to be an orange coat behind every tree. The first day in Pa. is a big deal! At around 8:00 am the woods come alive with the sound of chainsaws and heavy equipment. Skidders, logging trucks, you name it, they were there. By 9:00 what appeared to be about fifty hunters congregate on the access road to complain. Game commission boys were there and said there was nothing they could do to stop it since again they were under contract. When asked why they didn't notify the public in advance so guys wouldn't show up there, they responded by telling us that they didn't know they were going to begin on that day. What a bunch of baloney!! Data indicates that over 60 % of the bucks shot in Pa. Are killed on the first day. Needless to say there were a lot of very unhappy and unsuccessful hunters that first day. I think the hunters who help support the Commissions deserve better than that as do you and your group.
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