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  1. We like line counters on our rigger reels for repeatability. Lead length behind the ball varies a lot depending on rig, time of day, activity level of the fish, etc. and the counters ensure once we find out what the fish want that we can accurately repeat the same presentation. Something to consider in your decision. You can certainly count pulls or passes on the reel for distance as well but for me it's just easier having the counter because I take a lot of friends out that are less experienced and I like to get them involved setting lines to keep them busy. I can tell them run it XX ft back and they can just use the counter to do so.

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  2. Cannon Rod Holders and Navionics+ Chip

    Navionics+ Chip (http://www.cabelas.com/product/Navio...cs%26CQ_st%3Db) purchased in May and currently has all of the Great Lakes and the surrounding states loaded on it, this will give you 1' contours, I'll update again before shipping with whatever cross section of area in the US you want - $120 shipped


    These rod holders were used the last couple seasons with my Mag 10STX riggers on Lake Michigan, they've only seen freshwater and are in good condition. Included are 3 complete sets of Cannon's Rear Mount downrigger rod holder. The fourth rod holder is missing the knob that attaches it to the downrigger and the elbow piece that allows adjustment on the horizontal axis. The missing parts can easily be purchased from Cannon to complete the 4 sets. These retail for $40 each, asking $70 shipped CONUS  




  3. A good book on the topic of color changes under water is "What Fish See" by Dr. Colin Kageyama who is an optometrist that primarily steelhead fishes in the Pacific Northwest. The book has a ton of color pictures of various lures, paints, tapes, fly materials, etc. at different depths, water clarity, and light conditions. It's a pretty technical book but a very informative read. As far as the UV vs glow comparison, for us glow definitely shines in the dark and just as we're starting to get enough light to see, then their effectiveness slowly goes away unless fish are very deep meaning 90+ ft down or it's a cloudy/rainy day. With that being said, there needs to be kings around for them to really shine, we don't do as well on other species in the dark on anything. On Lake Michigan last year the east side of the lake didn't hold many kings until late in the year. 90% of our trips the low light bite was very minimal except for the few trips when the kings finally showed up or we happened to drop in on some then the glow stuff worked very well as expected. The UV stuff works best for us in the sun and/or dirty water. The fish definitely seem to pic it out during those types of conditions.

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  4. We swap out reels as well but I just ordered neoprene reel cases for each one like these... http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Shimano_Neoprene_Casting_Reel_Covers/descpage-SCRC.html?gclid=CKn8z9WRiNECFZA2aQodY9MPxQ ....and put them all in a compartment in the cabin. I label the reel handle with whatever setup it is so I can easily identify what each ones is without having to take the covers off.

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