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  1. This year's Monster Bash is now less than 2 weeks away! Mark it down for Sunday, September 7th in the Event Center at Little River Casino Resort. Anyone that fishes or follows the Tournament Trail either in person or on TV is welcome at the Monster Bash! In addition to all the cash and prizes that I mentioned last week, (3 boats, cash prizes every 10 minutes, awesome fishing and hunting gear, and more) we'll also have free snacks, refreshments and a cash bar during the Bash. The Monster Bash will kick off with the Salmon Showdown Final 4 weighing in their last fish of the year live on the Event Center Stage. Over 2 dozen cameras and a 5 man camera crew will be on hand to catch all the action as we crown the new Broadcast Champion. Come to the Monster Bash on Sunday, September 7th and then watch it on National Television this winter on Salmon Showdown Season 5! Help us pack the Event Center and you could end up on the Season Finale! After the Showdown Champ is crowned we'll move on to the Monster Mania winners, the 333 Best Overall Champs, the Manistee Ford Big Fish Battle Bracket winners and of course the rest of our prize drawing winners. Join us Sunday, September 7th in the Little River Casino Resort Event Center. Doors open at 2:30pm. You must be present to win all prizes that will be awarded at the Monster Bash.
  2. This weekend its the Big Lake Classic in Saugatuck and once again you're invited to post your pics and comments here to immortalize the event in cyberspace! To sweeten the deal TT is once again putting up a $333 Gear Bag stuffed full of awesome tackle and gear from 333 sponsors. One poster will be randomly selected from this thread once the tournament is over, so post some pics, have some fun and good luck out on the lake! Follow the tournament here to see all the pictures and results http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/showthread.php?2951-TT-14-Saugatuck-Big-Lake-Classic
  3. The Fishing and Hunting Forum is having another Free Drawing for August !!!!!!!!!! You can win your choice of a Martin Phantom Compound Bow or 4 Big Weenie Meat Rig Combos & 4 Moonshine Spoons Check it out here http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/sh...onshine-Spoons
  4. The Big Red Classic is this weekend and our kicks off today with the Save The Ta - Ta's Ladies Tournament. Funds raised from this event go to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research. Come check out all the awesome pictures and full results here http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/showthread.php?2923-TT-13-Holland-Big-Red-Classic
  5. Salmon Showdown TV Teams I’d love to tell you that with 6 events left to fish the race for the final 4 is really starting to heat up…. However, right now it looks like we are down to a 6 horse race. I get asked fairly regularly, “Who’s locked in for the final four?†It’s always tricky at this point in the season because of the variables involved, so I don’t want to give anyone “locked in†status at this point. That being said, I struggle to find any possible outcome that would keep Early Bird out of the Monster. After that, if I look down the standings it appears that if you can muster a 100+ average score you’ve got a really good shot at the finals. The only other team that has that guaranteed at this point is Angler’s Avenue. Pole Dancer seems to be on an unstoppable hot streak this year. However their huge score at the Splash was not a TV Event. That means they need one decent score at the Frenzy or in TC to lock themselves in at over 100 points. After that, based on projections from last year I see 3 more boats who could potentially hit a 100 point average score. They are Grimm Reaper, Fish Bound IV and Win-N-Angel. For the other 10 boats… well it’s looking pretty bleak. Of course, if the leaders stumble in the later events that could open up 1 or even 2 slots for some last minute drama. 6 more scores hit the leaderboard this weekend at the Big Red Classic – Good Luck! To follow along with all of the 18 tournaments for this season check out http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/fo...urnament-Trail
  6. Day 1 went well for some and not for others, today is good weather wise so we will wait to see what comes to the scales.
  7. Friday was the Ladies and Kids tournament and we had a great turn out. The biggest fish we saw today came from Chasin' Tail. This king clocked in at just over 20 pounds. The biggest box overall however went to team Early Bird. 63 pounds on 5 fish was plenty to give them the win! Team Early Bird Girls consisted of Angie VanZytveld, Kim VanZytveld and Jaime Patrick. What a great time and a great job done by the tournament committee. For complete coverage of this weekends tournament and lots of great pictures check out http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/showthread.php?2879-TT-10-Muskegon-Tri-Port-Challenge
  8. We Have a Winner http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/showthread.php?2770-We-have-a-winner-!!!!!!!!-May-2014
  9. Brand new 3000 foot spool of Morgan's Super 45# Copper Line 180.00 to your door
  10. 2 brand new 2014 ED04000 Big Jon downriggers with auto-stop, ball cradle, 2 rod holders and swivel bases. Adjustable 2-3 or 4 foot boom that tilts up and comes with a life time warranty 1170.00 to your door
  11. I have the 17 new for 2014 Big Weenie 10" Weiner Cut Bait Rig Combos up on my site http://www.fishingandhuntingusa.com/tackle.html
  12. http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/showthread.php?2646-TT-2-St-Joseph-Summer-Challenge Check out what is going on at the St. Joe Summer Challenge
  13. Check it out, you can win 8 of the new Mark Martin Signature rod holders or a new Martin Bengal Bow. http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/showthread.php?2623-2014-May-Free-Drawing-(-New-Martin-Bengal-Bow-or-8-Mark-Martin-Rod-Holders-)
  14. We have all the new Big Weenie Brand 10" Cut-Bait Combos on the way and will be arriving in a few days. As soon as they come in we will have them on our website. Big Weenie has been one of the top producing products for years on the Great Lakes so don't get caught with out your Weenie on board.
  15. Bows are moving fast so get your order in now, the promo code for April is LOAPR14 you save 10%
  16. Make sure you get yours and remember to put in the promo code LOAPR14 when you check out and save 10% Right now you can get a 3000' spool of Super 45# Copper for 180.00
  17. Yes there is a rocker switch just like on the downriggers, I have them on our website. http://www.fishingandhuntingusa.com/planer-riggers.html
  18. I see a lot of you have checked out the Salmon Showdown Show, we look forward to this up coming season and just hope the weather will change soon. If anyone gets the chance come on down and enter in a 333 tournament and see what it's all about. Good Luck to everyone this year
  19. Get in on the action to win a 1000' spool of Morgan's Super 45# Copper Fishing Line http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/showthread.php?2516-April-2014-Free-Drawing-Prize-is-a-1000-Spool-of-Margan-s-Super-45-Copper-Line
  20. http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/forumdisplay.php?326-Salmon-Showdown-Season-4 Check out Thursday show on Monday, Scotty puts the Salmon Showdown on here every Monday with a special code to watch the show on line ahead of time.
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