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  1. Looking to buy a couple copper set ups for Lake Ontario. Will be in town Labor Day week/weekend. Looking for suggestions as to what type of reels everyone prefers. As well as what set up is preferred that time of year? Just looking for something that I can use one week a year or less. Usually fish Lake Erie but very excited to make the trip even if the fishing is slow. Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Just finished running all new brakes on my dual axle venture trailer. I already had brakes on one axle but not on the other....the brakes I did have were junk. Make sure you are cautious when purchasing a new coupler/master cylinder. You should know that the outlet hole on your master cyliner will be different depending weather or not you have disc or drum brakes. The outlet hole for drum brakes is very small.....almost a pin hole. The Hole for disc brakes is larger allowing more fluid to escape the master cylinder faster. If you have the wrong master cylinder you will blow out your brand new wheel cylinders. I ordered everything from Tie Down Engineering Very happy with how they turned out.
  3. 1. SIMRAD AP14 auto pilot Brand new never used $1000 2. Fish Hawk 840 Thermo Troll with 2 probes. $150 I upgraded to an x4. the display works. I never used either of the old probes this unit came on the boat when I bought it. 3. (2) Big Jon Rod Holder Tree bases with latch. Brand new never installed. $35 each 4. Cannon Downrigger bases $100 PM for more info
  4. I'm looking for a newer fish hawk unit for my boat. I currently have the Fish Hawk 840 but I'm looking to upgrade. Let me know if anyone has one they are interested in selling. I already have the wiring and transducer so I'm just looking for the digital unit and probe. Thanks for your time
  5. Thats exactly what I will do. I might as well do it all this spring and start fresh from there. Appriciate the advice, I'd rather be safe than sorry.
  6. Not sure the age of the water pump. I think I am going to go with a full tune up this spring. I appriciate all the advace!
  7. Hey Everyone, I recently purchased a 2007 sport craft 232. The motor has around 700 hours on it. I know the previous owner always kept up on oil/fluid changes. I was wondering what other suggestions anyone had as to items that should me changed/replaced. How often is it necessary to do a tune up? Thank You
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