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  1. Hey that's a very good thing to know super_hawk2012 you and pap are very open minded people "my kind of people" I have been on this site just as a browser from time to time over the years "not a member" and noticed very little input or quality info from my canadian friends. There are many newbies to salmon fishing on our side and maybe the future will be better for info learned and shared from this side. I hope! I have been in the salmon fishing business for 29 years now if I had not been open minded, "hungry to learn" I would not be here. The ecosystem has changed how we fish and what we fish with has evolved to unimaginable tech improvements. Attention to detail is everything. You get out what you put in. All thats left after that is being in the right spot on any given day. I shared some of what I found on the post about glow in the dark lures because this is of great interest to me. I will share more if asked or have time. Wish you great fishing
  2. good explanation SK8man. Anyone else have good input not covered they would like share on this topic before I get accused of beating it to death.
  3. CSI to locate that puppy urine jimB, Great idea any "day light" sunny or overcast days have UV , lower levels of UV on a overcast day. Any artificial UV light from Flashlight, black light, halogen etc. used to enhance the glow will work anytime of day if that is the glow effect you want from your lure. In my opinion no need to charge in daylight! and you can control how much brightness for night fishing by charging your lures before heading out to your spot. The extended glow lures will last for hours with a good amount of glow if you play with timing and preferred glow brightness. Or if your fishing in the dark with regular glow lures just keep charging them every 15 mins. Experiment at home and be ready for the season. I red a quote once " if it don't glow it don't go " I personally and this is me.... use glow lures about 80% of the time but not 100% of the time. No extra charge in day light.. Just sharing info and trying to feed my hunger to learn more. Thanks
  4. Great info links on fish and how they see UV. If UV did not penetrate below the surface of the lake then there would not be any green vegetation on the bottom at any depth. So UV is present and from what I have found fish will bite lures with UV on them. Better than without..... is something that I cannot say for sure at this point because I do not have as much confidence in them as my go to glow lures. Only thing that seems to be agreed on by many I have talk to is UV is better on a bright sunny day. I agree that bright glow can be too much in some situations but on a overcast day I have found just the exposure to daylight (low level UV ) is perfect and fish strike right away. No extra UV charge necessary. I am a big fan of long lasting extended glow on lures or any glow for that matter and there are some paints available that are not as bright and do not last as long... but problem is the brighter a lure shines the better it sells. A little trick I do to neutralize the bright glow on a extended glow lure that is to be used in bright sunlight is to put one or two layers of crushed ice tape on the lure. Also gives a nice pearl flash to it..on flies with new extended glow material there are many choices. One can use less or overlay. It is not that bright or dominant of a glow so I have not found an issue using when it. I even play with mixing regular glow material with extended glow. Have a great weekend
  5. Hi guys, "my opinion": "I find glow to be positive in any condition" it may just be the bright glow looks white, that is what I see and when I look at an alewife. But again the old question, what do fish see. I do not want to tell anyone what to think or what to do, but here are some things to roll around in your head.. 1. do we need to recharge in day light. 2. if UV penetrates below the surface then why would it not charge my glow lure. 3. do I need the glow on my lure to last longer than 1/2 hour. 4. how bright should a lure glow. 5. if UV does not penetrate below the surface then UV on lures is a joke. I hope this does not upset any lure makers "just some questions I have asked myself in the past in hopes to add or eliminate to my collection of lures". Have fun HOTFISHâ„¢
  6. Hi everyone I am here to make new friends and hope to share some of what I have learned. Ok winter we have had enough of you time let summer take over. Wish all great fishing in 2014. HOTFISHâ„¢
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